Let us talk about all the superheroes to begin this post with, what would Batman be without Robin? What would Captain America be without Bucky? What would Doctor Strange be without Wong? The sidekicks do matter my friends. Same goes in the world of food as well, if burgers are the superheroes then they need fries as well to function. Let’s Look at 7 places in Mumbai that serve these tempting french fries :

#1. Cheesy Fries, @Alfredo’s

It is the city’s oldest spot serving the most authentic and succulent french fries. The cheese melted around the fries itself will make your forget all the things in this world.

Price: Rs. 230
Address: Kings International Hotel, Juhu Tara Road and the Andheri outlet.

#2. Breakfast Fries @ Dinshaw Express CafeWhat if i told you, you can have fries for breakfast as well. Breakky fries which consist of sausages, cheese and with an egg place on the top sums up this appetizing dish. Isn’t it crazy ?

Price: Rs. 269
Address: 6, Windermere, Off Link Road, Oshiwara, Andheri West

#3. House Fries @ Doolally Taproom

Going with the name itself, it justifies the taste and crispiness of home fries. These fires which are thick cut, are served along with sauces such as Wasabi, Mango Salsa, Chilli Pesto, Bhut Mayo etc.

Price: Rs. 250
Address: Across outlets Bandra, Andheri, Colaba, Kemps Corner

#4. Animal Fries @ 145

Nothing to be worried from the name if you are a vegetarian. In Fact, they serve the longest plates of fires! Gosh ! They are called the Community fries topped with cheese, caramelized onion with some sriracha drizzled optionally.

Price: Rs. 310
Address: 145, Kala Ghoda, Fort.

#5. Devil’s Fries @ The Daily Bar Kitchen

French fries topped with Mediterranean flavored chicken mince and cheese sauce.

Price: Rs. 295
Address: The Daily, Ground Floor, Behind Shoppers Stop, S.V Road, Bandra West

#6. Truffle Fries @ Ellipsis

This fires are served in a skinny way to give it more texture element to it. With Parmesan flavor to it and a hint of umami as well, they are served along with diced scallions for additional flavour to the components of the fries.

Cost: Rs. 300
Address: B-1 Amarchand Mansion, 16 Madame Cama Road, Colaba

#7. Chocolate Caramel Fries @ Fries By The Way
It is a new place to the city that never sleeps. They are know for their delicious potato snacks, with great sauces and various permutations as well. Going towards the sweet side, are the fries topped with chocolate and caramel.

What are you waiting for then ? Get your hands on these tempting dishes.