When you think of toilets, what comes straight to your mind first? If we would have to guess, I think we all picture a comfortable white porcelain throne or the perfect place to come up with unique new ideas after all the brilliant ideas come while sitting on the toilet. Or perhaps you think of it as a mysterious device that transports you an hour or sometimes even more into the future in a flash? While your ideas of toilets may differ from one another, we bet that getting a luxurious and expensive toilet was the last thing on your mind.

Some people do not simply sit on a toilet, they want the most expensive ones too. The rich, tech-savvy, famous, and quirky can get pretty intense about the pause that refreshes. If you doubt that, we have some luxurious and expensive toilets to show you. Instead of some expensive materials think of gold and Swarovski Crystal.

1. The Astronaut’s Toilet ($23 million)

The weird extravagant toilet is made for the International Space Station, with NASA handling a large portion of the endeavour. The authorities claim that the toilet system is valued at roughly $23 million. So, the world’s most expensive and probably the weirdest toilet is not on earth, it was launched into space! One of the most amazing features that justifies the mind-blowing price of this toilet is its ability to recycle human waste for use in the Space Station.

2. Hang Fung Gold Toilet ($5 Million)

This restroom is owned by The Hang Fung Gold Technology Group. The gold toilet is located in a demonstration restroom the “Hall of Gold” and is available for public viewing. It cost a whopping $5 million and is the 2nd most expensive toilet in the world.

3. The Toilet Shrine to Lenin ($4.8 million)

The Toilet Shrine to Lenin costs somewhere around $4.8 million and is among one of the most expensive and luxurious toilets in the world. Winger Lam designed and owns the toilet and it’s particularly expensive because of its unique solid gold design. The ceiling of this gold-filled bathroom features around 6,000 expensive gems. Along with the gold toilet, Lam’s bathroom also has a gold sink, a gold trash can and gold details along almost every surface.

The Toilet Shrine to Lenin

4. Moon River Art Park Toilet ($750,000)

The Moon River Art Park toilet which costs $750,000 is part of a 10,000-foot manmade cave within the park in Shanghai. The toilet opens to the public as a functioning restroom every day of the year. It’s located in an art park in Shangai, China that features one of the largest collections of outdoor sculpture in all of Asia.

Moon River Art Park Toilet

5. The Swarovski Crystal Toilet ($128,000)

Imagine a toilet seat with Swarovski Crystals on it! the toilet costs around $128,000 and is among the most expensive toilets in the world.

This toilet is made by Housing and building material maker Lixil Corp. They display the toilet in their showroom in Tokyo’s famous Ginza shopping district in hopes of drawing more tourists to the Japanese capital city’s ritzy shopping area. The toilet is said to be covered in 72,000 pieces of crystal. Jewellers from the Austria-based Swarovski AG company took the responsibility and it took almost one month to assemble and decorate the toilet. Although the toilet is more flash than flush and is not for sale.

The Swarovski Crystal Toilet

6. Swarovski-Studded Toilet  ($75,000)

Created by Jemal Wright, the Swarovski-adorned toilet provides real comfort to people who use it. The entire toilet is covered in crystals just like the above. Of course, for comfort, the toilet cover’s interior and the toilet seat are the only items that are not studded with crystals.

Swarovski-Studded Toilet 

7. Herbeau 5501 Dagobert Solid Ash Toilet ($14,309)

The $14, 309 toilet in King Dagobert is superbly hand-crafted sanitary ware made of the finest Teak and Mahogany. This piece is described as ‘whimsical’ and has a pull-the-chain flush. As soon as you lift the lid of the toilet it plays royal music, i.e, Le Bon Roi Dagobertan old french song. The candle holder and ashtray next to the toilet are ideal for those smoke breaks or late-night trips to the restroom in the Victorian castle.

Herbeau 5501 Dagobert Solid Ash Toilet