• Indian rupee is a closed currency. It is illegal to carry Indian currency outside the country’s geographical boundaries
  • Gypsies were originally from India, Punjab and Rajasthan exactly. They celebrate death with joy and birth with grief.
  • India has 3 of the world’s 35 mega cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata) with 61 million total population, a little less than UK’s population(64million)
  • Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism- followed by 25% of the world’s population is given to the world by India.
  • India was the richest country called ‘sone ki chiriya’ until the country was conquered by Britishers. Christopher Columbus was attracted to the wealth of the nation.
  • 6 twins over 1000 births is a high twin rate and Kodinhi, Kerela has a 42/1000 twin rate. Kodinhi is also called as ‘twin town’.

25 Facts About India We Bet You Never Knew

  • Chess, shampoo, button, ruler, value of pi, calculus, trigonometry cataract surgery, math algebra are all Indian inventions.
  • Half of the world’s IT services come from India. India exports software to 90 countries.
  • Mawlynnog, Meghalaya, an Indian village is the cleanest village of Asia. It also has 100% literacy rate. Almost everyone can fluently speak English in Mawlynnog.


facts about india

  • No other country except India has both Lions and Tigers.
  • 11% of gold is owned by Indian housewives, that is more than reserves in US, Germany, IMF and Switzerland together.
  • India has the world’s highest Tea estate in Kolukkumalai, Tamil Nadu, is about 7130 feet above sea level.

amazing facts about india

  • India conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 decades without sending a single soldier across her border.
  • 40% of world’s mangoes are produced in India that includes 35 different varieties.
  • Ancient India used about 125 different surgical equipments.
  • India has never physically conquered any country in 100,000 years.
  • 70% of the world’s spices come from India.
  • India is home to the rarest animals such as Snow Leopards and Golden Langur. India is home to 60-70% of world’s biodiversity.
  • Martial arts were created in India. It has its origin in Dhanur Veda.
  • 35% of the scientists in NASA are Indians.
  • India is the only country to enter Mars’ orbit in its first attempt and at the lowest cost.
  • Gorakhpur railway station is the world’s longest railway having 1366 metres length.

amazing facts about india

  • Shani Shignapur in India is a village without doors. No home, no shop has door and yet no crime has been witnessed in that village.
  • Indian cinema ‘Bollywood’ produces more movies than any other.
  • Until 1896, India was the only source of Diamonds.


  1. 30% of world’s child labour are Indians.
  2. Every 3rd poor of the world is an Indian.
  3. India has lost 1,31,82,942 million in scams that were supposed to be used for the country’s development.
  4. India has more mobile phones than toilets.
  5. More than US$ 1456 billion is in Swiss bank as black money. 13 times than nation’s foreign debt.