Minecraft is a Sandbox, Single-player and Multiplayer Survival mixed Building video game developed and published by Mojang in 2011. It takes place in a fully destructible world where you can create and destroy whatever you see. Using blocks of different types, you can create a city of your dream and interact with creatures to have fun. During the game, you can move across the blocky, randomly generated world to discover and extract raw materials, craft useful tools, and create structures. Depending on what mode you have selected, you can battle against an AI-controlled mob or can compete against other players in the same world.

Introduction of Survival Mode

The game features a survival mode where the player is tasked with acquiring resources to create the land and maintain health to win, while the creative mode tasks the player to collect as many resources as possible. During the game, players can alter the game to experience a new thing, bring new assets and items to life. Surely, you would be familiar with Modders who bring something surprising and extra new features to the game on monthly basis. Till now, hundreds of mods were released for Minecraft and you can download and install them to grab some extra functionality to your gameplay. Therefore, we compiled a list of the Best Minecraft Game Mods to help you take your gaming experience to the next level.

Different between Mods and Mod Packs?

There is no such a huge difference that makes you confused for a while. The mod is designed to target a specific feature or asset of the game while the Mod pack is a collection of several mods.

How to Install Minecraft Mods?

Before installing any mode, ensure the content is downloaded from a legitimate source and also compatible with the version of Minecraft you are using. The majority of mods come with instructions on how to download and install them, but several websites like MultiMC and Technicpack.net may help you install mods correctly.

Best Minecraft Mods 2021

We have compiled a list of the best Minecraft mods that won’t only bring something new to your game but also improve your gaming experience.


If you want to become an interior designer, then Decocraft may help you hone your skills. Using the mod, you can expand and decorate your house, and make it more beautiful than ever.


Surely, you have revealed many voxel-shaped animals, including cows, sheep, and pigs. Animania increases the number of creatures many times so you can experience them everywhere.

Other prominent Minecraft mods are the following:

  • The Lost Cities
  • RLCraft
  • Roguelike Adventurers and Dragons
  • Galacticraft
  • SkyFactory 4
  • Pixelmon
  • Crafting Dead
  • Aether 2: Genesis of the Void
  • LotsOMobs

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