To run the world peacefully, there are a few rules that are made by the government to keep the public in control and save them from unwanted troubles. However, apart from the basic rules & regulations, there are some strange laws that are being followed, and when you will read them you will surely get goosebumps.

5 Laws From All Around The World That Might Shock You:

We are sure, you will be shocked as well as surprised to see this list.

1) Thailand:


To roam around Thailand, and explore the streets, or drive a car, wear clothes, or be alcohol-free is not necessary. You can have fun by drinking & driving or you can walk around the corners of the city without clothes on. Well, indeed it is weird but there are some terms and conditions applied to it.

2) Italy:

 Wearing slippers while you are out is prohibited. You can wear shoes, sandals, boots, and other footwear but not slippers. If you are out with slippers and caught then you have to pay a penalty. Slippers are the most comfortable footwear though, isn’t it?

Slippers Foot People Shoes Feet Wall Sitting

3) Greece:

Do you remember that in our childhood days, we used to go to internet cafes to play games? This cannot be done when you are in Greece. If you do this, you have to pay a heavy amount or you have to spend a few days in jail as well. So, remember that there are no games being played in an internet cafe when you are in Greece.

 4) Canada:

 Planning to buy walkers for your toddler? Apologies, but you have to drop this plan because it is not allowed. The Canada government has put a ban on toddlers, because as per their thinking – walkers can do injury to babies which is correct somewhere.

Walkers are banned in Canada for toddlers

5) Australia:

Changing a bulb in your home by you is not allowed. It is mandatory to call a professional electrician to perform the operation.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you dare to follow these strange laws? Let us know!