We all know that thousands of people are stuck in Flood Hit Kerala and everyone in India and from around the world is trying to help the people affected by flood by some or the other way.

Now it will be easy to locate people who are stuck at a particular area due to flood in Kerala with the help of Google Plus Code. People can use this feature on their Android device to generate the Plus code even when offline of their exact location which will help find their whereabouts easily and so the rescue them can get them out of the place at the earliest.

Users will be able to share their plus codes over SMS or voice call easily.

kerala floods google plus code

A plus code has 6 or 7 letters and numbers and a city or town. If you want to find the plus code for a place on Tablet or Android device then user will have to just open Google Maps app and touch and hold at a place to drop pin on Google Maps.

All they have to do is tap the address or description which they can find at the bottom and and just scroll down to find the plus code.

If you want to search a place or location on plus code, all the family members of victim or the rescuers helping people in floods need to do is type the plus code in the search box of Google Map application in their Android device.

Earlier this month, Twitter announced that while during such tough situation, people can use Twitter Lite which is data-friendly which can help connect with media, government agencies and volunteers quickly.

Kindly share this posts and let everyone know about this service so that they can get in touch with people affected in Kerala Flood and help them.