When you deliver food post travelling four continents doesn’t exactly qualify as fast food, although it makes its place the world’s longest.

This woman named Maanasa Gopal travelled all through continents starting from Singapore to deliver food to her customer who made an order in Antarctica. While doing so, she went through the world’s longest distance for food delivery, covering over 30,000 kilometres alongwith four continents.

Maanasa uploaded a video on her social platform Instagram account, showing her journey as she went to the southernmost continent to deliver food. She first boards a flight from Singapore to Hamburg, Germany, post flying to her next stop in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Going by this, she, at last, makes it to Antarctica and makes the world’s most extended food delivery.

Woman Travels From Singapore To Antarctica To Make The World's Longest Food Delivery

In the video itself, she captioned “Today, I did a special food delivery to Antarctica from Singapore! Super excited to partner with the amazing folks at @foodpandasg to pull this off. Not every day, you get to deliver Singaporean flavours across 30,000+ km and four continents to one of the most remote places on earth!”


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While in a different post, Maanasa came up with how the trip was happy and what helped her through it. She said that back in 2021 she was struggling to raise funds for her Antarctic expedition, and she was trying to get a brand to sponsor it. But there was nothing until last month that finally a miracle happened and things started to happen when she received a reply from Food Panda, and the brand desired to make it happen.

Woman Travels From Singapore To Antarctica To Make The World's Longest Food Delivery

The video has captured about 38,000 views alongwith many comments.

“Wow….you did an excellent committed task and the first time in history for such a long way delivery from SGP to Antarctica,” a person replied.

A person was eager to know what the order was, and the delivery fee charged. “What’s the order? What’s the delivery fee?” a person inquired.

“Incredible,” said another.

Woman Travels From Singapore To Antarctica To Make The World's Longest Food Delivery

Back in April, Maanasa Gopal was part of the Climate Force International Antarctica Expedition 2022. She reached at her location and inserted the SRMIST flag in the Antarctica land.

She became part of the extraordinary youth in place of other countries to work on climate policy, action, research, and awareness with global climate experts in Antarctica. Maanasa completed her B.Tech in Chemical Engineering in the year 2018.