India is one of the most popular and visited countries not only for its culture even it is most famous because it has an endless variety of food options and beverages to offer. In the year 2002, one of the NRI visited India to take participate in one of the social justice movements which were based on worship (Bhakti).

Woman From America Quits Her Job To Sell Chai : Earns Rs. 200 Crore Annually
The NRI passenger was a woman and during her entire trip to India, she explored many regions including Western India. She started exploring villages where she got to taste various types of delicious food and chai (tea) the “oxygen cylinder for Indians”. When she had her tea, it was the moment that changed her life as she was already in love with the beverage and soon after moving to other regions she got to realize that the taste of tea changes with places.

After going back to Boulder, Colorado which was her hometown she started trying tea over there as well but failed to get the authentic Indian taste of tea. Thinking something out of the box, she took a decision to quit her job and decided to start her own tea business to which she gave the name “Bhakti Chai”.

Gradually her chai became so famous among her friends and neighbors that soon she transformed it into jars for chai in the year 2007. Once she started observing success, she gained profit and established her own tea empire. After establishing her empire, business owners started investing in her company and with that help, she purchased a ginger press and she then hired a full-time person who can focus on the sale.

After a few experiments, she came up with her special “ginger tea” beverage which got a good amount of popularity and she got a number of customers too. In the year 2014, she was awarded the “Entrepreneur of the year award” also.