Chery and Quran, a viral couple with a 37-year age gap are delighted to share some exciting news: they’re pregnant!

Cheryl McGain, a 63-year-old lady, took to TikTok to share that she’s delighted to be pregnant with her 26-year-old husband Quran McGain. Cheryl already has 7 kids and 18 grandkids! The couple is often in the spotlight because of their significant age gap drawing significant attention online.

Woman, 63, and Her Husband, 26, Expecting Their First Baby Together

Cheryl first met Quran when he was 15 but their relationship began in 2021 when the latter had turned 23. The unique couple decided to get married in September that year and have been trying for a baby since 2022. After 3 unsuccessful attempts, the couple is now finally pregnant with the help of surrogacy.

The couple shared the news of their 4th surrogate being pregnant by posting a video on TikTok through their joint social media account. In the video, Cheryl is seen dancing in joy while Quran is also seen excited. Cheryl says she doesn’t “give a f*ck” about people’s opinions and Quran also mentioned that he is excited to become a father as they can “finally start their small family”. They even showed sonogram images in the TikTok video addressing their detractors.

Unfortunately, Cheryl’s family doesn’t support the relationship. She shared her hurt stating she only gets to meet 1 of her children and 3 of her grandkids as no one else is okay with the grandma falling in love and getting married. The couple also gets a mixed reaction on social media as they are quite open and vocal about their relationship on the platform. In response to this news too, fans got to the comment sections and flooded it with their opinions. Some were skeptical about ‘How’ Cheryl got pregnant at this age and whether she had her eggs frozen. Some expressed their blessings by congratulating the couple while some even made fun and went on with their backlash.

However, Cheryl and Quran don’t care about others’ opinions anymore as they “love for the baby now”. Hopefully, the future holds new beginnings for the couple as they remain strong and unfazed by the family opinion and public backlash.