A mother of two, threw her vape in the trash as doctors warned her that she’d ‘die’ if she continued vaping. Her scan showed her lungs that looked like they belonged to an 80-year-old.

Mum, 30, heard ‘popping’ as she breathed after vaping addiction

Hannah Roth is a 30-year-old woman from Newport, Tennessee, and a mother to a seven and a ten-year-old son. She had never smoked in her life but started taking vape during the Covid pandemic lockdown and has since been vaping daily for 4 years now. Soon, Hannah got so addicted that she used the device as a daily routine vaping ‘every hour of the day’

Recently, Roth noticed a ‘popping’ sound while breathing when she fell ill with a 104°F high fever and cold chills. Her chest hurt really bad but she assumed it was bronchitis. She was initially misdiagnosed with the flu, but when she didn’t see any improvement in her symptoms, Ms. Roth considered getting some scans done. And here came some shocking revelations.

Young mum’s wake-up call after developing ‘lungs of an 80-year-old’ from killer habit

Doctors at the emergency department in Scott County revealed to her that she was diagnosed with pneumonia with an obstruction in her right lung. She was blown to know that vaping was the specific cause for this. She was told that the oily substances she had inhaled from the menthol vape’s e-liquid triggered in her lungs an inflammatory response which caused pneumonia. Hannah got worried when she saw her lungs look like an elderly person who’d been smoking for 10 years and all this was because of her ‘bad habit’ that she cultivated due to COVID stress.

The medical professionals even told Roth that if she continued vaping, she would die just like a long-term smoker. Vaping made her lungs ‘fry like chicken wings’ every time she hit the vape and the vapor went inside deteriorating her lungs. The intensity of the ‘frying’ caused the sound she heard while breathing.

Woman Claims She Nearly Died After Vaping 'Fried Her Lungs Like Hot Chicken'

Finally, Ms. Roth has quit vaping because she wants to live and take care of her kids. Her lungs don’t make the ‘popping’ sound anymore and doctors say that she can be healed. She subdues her cravings by chewing gum instead. Hannah advises everyone to avoid picking up the habit and even recommends that addicts go vape-free for a better life.