So in love that you act insane …

We understand that Celebrity Worship Syndrome is a thing but oftentimes your crazy passion for a favorite celeb may result in a wedge with your spouse.

News of a similar incident went viral on TikTok when an unknown user took to Reddit to share his experience about his crazy Taylor Swift fan wife. He said ‘My wife chose Taylor Swift over me, so I chose divorce’ and this received mixed opinions from the audience.

Wife Chose Taylor Swift's Concert Over Anniversary, So He DIVORCED Her

He explained that when they got married, they weren’t financially well-to-do and so they decided to renew their vows on their 5th wedding anniversary. The husband was obviously excited to have a bigger celebration and chose to spend a lot of money on it. But his wife probably had other plans. Unintentionally though, his wife got tickets for a Taylor Swift concert scheduled for the same day as their anniversary. Though she didn’t realize the coinciding dates earlier, she refused to give up on the concert stating it as a “once-in-a-lifetime chance”.

It was the last straw for the husband as he asked her to sell off the tickets for the sake of their wedding anniversary celebration but she denied it. The man claimed that he had always accepted his wife’s insane obsession with the singer and her work but this time, it was just too much for him. The frustrated guy even mentioned his concern saying, “Taylor Swift was wallpapered all over our home. She played her music 24/7. Sometimes I wondered if she loved Taylor Swift more than me.”

It sounded like the man had always been understanding toward his wife but this time, even he was adamant and none of the two was ready to give in. Finally, the man issued an ultimatum for his wife to choose between him and Taylor Swift or he would divorce her. Surprisingly, the lady chose to part ways claiming that “he couldn’t understand her love of Taylor Swift”.

In the heat of the moment, the man divorced his wife and kicked her out of the house but was later left wondering whether he took it too far. He received mixed opinions when he took to Reddit with his concern where some people appreciated his decision while some even supported his wife’s love for Taylor Swift!