If you have not heard about Trevor Noah until now, you should know a few things about him. He is the first South African American host of “The Daily Show”, one of the most appreciated political satire shows in the USA. Trevor Noah is a host, comedian, actor, and commentator, but a writer too. He has written Born a Crime, one of the books that should be a must for any student.

Reading Born a Crime Should Be a Must For Students

It is one of the most appreciated biographical novels of all time as it sheds more light on his character development, but also the apartheid regime in South Africa. As a student who is getting an education in college, you might wonder why this book should be on your must-read list. Here are a few reasons that will convince you that Born a Crime should be your next book.

Book Characters

As it is a biographical book, Trevor Noah shares many of his childhood experiences in the book. Born crime characters are relatable, as they are all presented in a genuine and humane form. This is essential and it makes readers come closer to the author and other people in his life. For example, Trevor’s mom and her boyfriend have shaped his perspective on the young child, but they also influenced his behavior and mindset. All characters in this book are relatable as they are not portrayed as almighty, but as humans with weaknesses and strengths, just like any other human. This is one of the reasons that make many students love this book. They might even have to write a born a crime essay, so reading the book is the best solution to delve into his topics and discover the characters. You can explore an essay on book “Born a Crime” and find out more about the topic. Academic writing can sometimes turn out to be challenging, but if you read the book and take notes, you will surely write a powerful essay.

Discovering Unique Stories

Every human has a unique life story, this is clear. However, not all share their stories with other people as life experiences might shape distinct characters. Trevor Noah has understood that his past might be unique and sharing it with the readers and fans would help them understand him better. As he has grown up in South Africa, many of his childhood experiences and memories are distinct.

You may ask yourself many born a crime questions, but you will find all the answers by reading this book. Students should read this book as it introduces them to the background of Trevor Noah, and also the history of South Africa. It faces you with distinct views of the world, but it helps you discover the world too. Many beauties are hidden in the world and uncovering them can be done by reading incredible books such as this one.

Success and Failure

Reading Born a Crime should be a must for students for various reasons and discovering stories about success and failure is one of them. Society, at the current moment, puts an emphasis on the success of many people. It creates an unreal image of succeeding and what this means, making people have high expectations of themselves.

Well, Trevor Noah is a funny and amazing human who has quite a lot of stories to tell. If you are a fan of his, then reading this book might already be on your to-do list. If you are not a fan, then you should add this book to your to-read list. Finding out about his childhood and the experiences that shaped him offers you insight into his character development. In this book, Trevor Noah shares more about his success and his path in life. But as failures are just as essential as successes, he talks about them too. Which helps create a realistic view of career, life paths, and success. A view students should know about.

Society’s Challenges

We live in a society that puts more and more pressure on individuals to behave or be in a certain way to fit it. Everyone wants to fit in, as having social relationships boosts your mental health and well-being. However, this is sometimes done to the detriment of the individual. Trevor Noah went through many moments and experiences when he wanted to fit in but he felt he was too much. He felt is too white, too smart, too black, and too out of place.

Final Thoughts

Reading books and getting book recommendations might be something that happens to all students. Many of these recommendations come from teachers and peers, so they might all be linked to your study subject. If you want to discover more about the apartheid in South Africa and how it is growing up in this country, you should read this book. It’s a no-miss for any college student who wants to expand his view on the world, but find out more about success, failure, and the incredible human Trevor Noah.