Looking for love this Valentines day 2018? Find valentine week 2018 details here. Valentine’s Day is the most favorite festival of the young generation as it is known as the season of love. All most all of you are aware of when is valentines day 2018 and today I am here to help you out and solve your problem. Which problem? I know you boys will surely think that which are the best and unique ways through which you can make your girl happy and best valentines day 2018 and even some girls would think the same.

When is Valentine’s Day 2018?

When is Valentine's Day 2018

So, if your question is when is valentines day 2018, the answer is it is on 14th February as usual. But you should know about whole valentine week. Try to do something unique which you have never done before. Propose to someone whom you love, marry your partner, go on trips and so on. So, let us see which are the Top 5 best ways to celebrate valentines, but before that let us see a short history of valentine’s day.

About Valentine’s Day?

After knowing that when is valentines day 2018, let us see what it is and why it is celebrated at this big level.  Apart from the season of love, the main reason behind celebrating valentine’s day or Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, the people living in western countries honor their early saints whose name was Valentinus. The festival is celebrated all over the world and people express their love for their partner on this day.

Before 14th Feb, a whole Valentine Week is celebrated starting from 7th Feb and at last on 14th Feb, Valentine’s Day is celebrated.

Let us see which are the 7 days that soon we are going to enjoy with our loved ones, and what all you can demand from your partner every day!

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Valentine Week 2018

Day 1: Rose Day: So this is the first of of valentine week. Now, since you know that when is Valentines Day 2018, this list is specifically for boys, because they don’t remember which day is celebrated in the week and when. So, the very first day that is on 7th Feb is a rose day, do not forget to give a bunch of roses to your girlfriend otherwise, you know what will happen!

Day 2: Propose Day: If you love some girl or boy and really want to express your feelings, then my friend 8th February is the date! It is the proposed day and the second day of the Valentines week, just open yourself in front of your crush and tell him or her whatever feelings you have. Don’t think about what the other person will say, just express yourself.

Day 3: Chocolate Day: One of the most favorite days of girls among all the other days is Valentine’s Day. But this day can be celebrated with your friends or family members too. Present them a bucket of chocolate and make their day sweet and memorable.

Day 4: Teddy Day: You must be knowing that girls are fond of teddies, so if your girlfriend is angry on you, the best way to calm her is to present her a big teddy bear with a bouquet of flowers. She will definitely smile and forget all her anger.

Day 5: Promise Day: Make the promise to your loved ones that you will never leave them in any condition and stay with them whenever they need you. You can celebrate this day by promising something to anyone even to yourself.

Day 6: Hug Day: Celebrate hug day by hugging all the people that matter to you and plays an important role in your life. Normally we keep hugging our friends whenever we meet them, but this one is slightly different. But, yes don’t forget to hug your partner, else you will be in trouble because at the end its Valentines day and you no when is valentine’s day 2018, so mark the date.

Day 7: Kiss Day: Do I really need to explain how you can celebrate this day? Have fun!

Day 8: Valentine’s Day: And last is, yes Valentine’s Day. If by chance you forget other days of the week, don’t forget Valentine’s day. Celebrate it with your partner and make them smile and feel special. Valentine week 2018 ends with the day itself called valentine’s day.

Now you got the dates for valentine week 2018.

After looking at these days, let us see the Top 5 unique ways to celebrate it.

Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2018:

1) Candle Light Dinner at 12 A.M: If you live with your partner, you can wake them up at 12 A.M and take them to candlelight dinner or if you don’t want to go out, decorate your home and cook something good for your partner, order cake and enjoy Valentine’s night.

2) Visit SPA and relax: You must be wondering that what kind of idea is this? But, it is a very relaxing idea, after roaming in the city whole day, all you need some time to relax, so what is better than getting a good spa at some reasonable salon?

3) Take your girlfriend for shopping: One of the amazing ways to make your girl happy is, take her for shopping. Girls always love to shop and shopping on valentine’s day will add charm to the day and make you happy too.

4) Learn Something: It does not require any specific day to learn something new, but on this day, you can start and add a new chapter in your love life that is you will learn something new together. Make a promise to each other that every 14th you both will pick up a topic and learn facts about it.

5) Announce your love: If you both are planning to marry each other, then Valentine’s day 2018 is the best time to tell your family about your plans.

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So, these are some of the special and unique ways through which you can enjoy your Valentine’s Day. I hope now you all are aware that when is Valentine’s day 2018 and whole valentine week. So, start making plans as only 1 month left for the preparation, so if you want to do something big, try to start preparing from now only.