The Amazon Prime Day 2019 is around the corner, and it gives us an opportunity to think of the previous year’s Amazon Prime Day for the good and the bad. While the staff of Amazon went on a strike over the poor effective conditions, the Amazon users used up over 3.3 billion Euros on products within a time frame of 36 hours on July, thereby breaking every possible record. It made the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, founder of the Amazon Company richer as the Amazon Prime members did justice to their elite access to the best deals and investments offered by Amazon, including some Amazon’s best-quality products.

But the question is what Amazon Prime Day is? For those who aren’t aware, it is a shopping- event that is held for a day. However, it is not like Black Friday because this Prime Day is only available to those users who have an active Prime account. It is one of the greatest days for Prime users as they can save a lot, particularly on electronic items.

It is beneficial to be a Prime user as you can have access to speedy delivery and Prime Video library. Also, if ads often bug you, then you will certainly enjoy ad-free music which consists of additional than 2 million songs.

Moreover, by being a Prime member, you can enjoy a wide array of Amazon Prime deals which are exclusively for the members only. Hence, it is worthwhile to take up the Prime membership to take advantage of a lot of savings because of the offers available. Also, in case you don’t want to be a full-time member but have an experience of being one for a temporary time then you can always go for the 30 days trial period that is also available before Prime Day.

When Is Amazon Prime Day 2019?

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Last year, the Day was on 17th July 2018 which was later than the previous years because it is usually held on every second Tuesday. We don’t know if this was because of the World Cup 2018 that the date was shifted, but as of this year, Amazon Prime Day 2019 is supposed to be held on 15th July 2019 (Tuesday) or 18th July 2019 (Tuesday).

So, in case you don’t want to miss out on the grand event, better don’t plan out any outing from 11th July 2019 to 18th July 2019. Also, it is advisable if you take an off on 17th-18th July, just for safer side.

Best Deals on Amazon Prime Day

2018’s Amazon Prime Day was a great hit and users are looking forward to an even better 2019 Prime Day with better offers. Amazon has already officially announced that Fire TV Stick and Echo Dot with the Alexa Voice remote have been the top sellers worldwide.

Hence, the user should be ready to expect greater deals on aforementioned Fire TV Stick and Echo Dot with Alexa Voice remote coupled with other Amazon items such as Kindle, Fire Tablets, Music and Prime Video membership.

In the United Kingdom, popular deals from different manufacturers include Bosch Cordless Combi Drill, Finish dishwater tablets, TP-link Wi-Fi Smart Plug, and Play Station Plus 15-month membership. There will be huge attempts by all these manufacturers to bring in as many deals as they can on their products to distract the users’ attention from the Amazon products.

It is advisable to the users that although there is knowledge as to what all offers will be there and on what products, it is better for them to keep an eye on the website to check for any updates about the same.

Some Tips And Guides for Prime Day

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This article will also give you some handy tips to assist and guide you on what to and how to buy on Amazon Prime Day so that you go for the right products.

  • The first tip is to do your complete research. On such mega-events, there is always a likelihood that Amazon might try to sell off old stock. Whereas the discounts will lure you into buying the product, but it is always better to do some digging and find out actually how much discount is being given and how much you are indeed saving. Amazon might try to portray that they are giving a big discount by comparing the discounted price with the RRP. Hence, you might not end up saving much, and it won’t be a win-win situation for you.
  • The second tip is to check all the reviews of the product before you make the purchase. In the pang of excitement, most of us forget to check the reviews of the product(s) that we are planning to purchase. Take it up as an important duty, to go through the reviews given by experts and previous users. This will not just tell you if the item is good or not but will also inform you about the value of the item is as the value usually depreciates quite rapidly. For example, budget laptops do not fall in the category of products that age well, hence, if its cost was 200 Euros in 2011, but now it has just reduced to 150 Euros then obviously you can obtain a better deal on a new budget laptop. Whatever be the product, it is a golden rule to always go through the reviews before going ahead with the purchase to save yourself from any disappointment that you may feel after you get the product.
  • Last but not least; the third tip is checking the shipping cost. This is an essential thing to check because if the costs of shipping end up raising the price to somewhere near the RRP, then there is no point going to purchase, as you will not get any good saving from it. Hence, make sure that you go through all the extra cost including shipping cost and other costs to keep away from spending extra money.

To achieve all this, you can always sign up as a member of Amazon Prime and can enjoy shipping without any extra cost much against a usual Amazon account.

Hence, fasten your seat belts and ready yourself for the biggest online sale that is going to take place soon!