There can be times when you lose your passport by mistake in the country itself or in the foreign land where you might have gone for a vacation. There have also been cases where it might get stolen in notorious or unknown neighbourhood and you are stuck with nothing. Since passport is a crucial document, chances are you might be in a fit of panic which isn’t going to help. Presence of mind and a little help from the officials might get you through this situation. Following are the steps you can take to issue or a temporary passport or apply for a new one altogether:

When you lose your passport in India:

What To Do When Your Indian Passport Is Lost Abroad

1) If you have lost your passport in India then immediately go to the nearest police station and lodge an FIR Report and they will provide you with the necessary acknowledgement.

2) The next step would be going to the nearest passport seva kendra or you can also login online and fill in a form that is specially designed for lost passports along with required documents such as proof of address, old passport number, a photocopy of the old passport, the police complaint and acknowledged receipt and of course the required fees and send it for processing. It will be processed within a few weeks and you will get the passport sent to your mailing address. On the last page of your passport it will be mentioned that the old passport has been reported lost and will carry the old passport number along with details of the date of issue of that passport and the place is was issued.

When you lose your Indian passport in a foreign country:

1) If you are in a foreign land and have lost or have got your passport then immediately go to the nearest police station and file an FIR report

2) The next step would be contacting the Indian embassy in that particular country. The Indian Embassies are for the service of people in need and can guide you with your next step. In case of emergency when you need to travel immediately they can issue an emergency temporary certificate which can be valid for a single trip back to the country. To find the Indian Embassy located in various countries around the world follow the link below.

3) In case of lost passport where you have enough time before your return or next destination contact the embassy and they will guide you with the application. This requires at least 1 week and you will require to submit the following documents:

  • A written application stating the reason for the immediate re issue of passport
  • An FIR copy for your lost passport
  • A copy of your old passport
  • Copy of air tickets
  • Copy of your visa
  • 5-6 Passport size photos

Here too the passport will contain the details such as old passport number, place of issue with date and that it has been reported stolen.The new passport number will also have the file number against which this new passport is issued.

  • You will however have to reapply for any existing valid visa or permits as stamped in the old passport from their concerned authorities else it will not allow you to move globally. Any visas that you might have had would also be lost with the loss of your passport. To get your visa reissued simply visit the respective embassy of the country that issued your visa. For this process, all you require is to have with you the copy of your old visa and police report along with your new passport

It is always advisable to carry backup colour copies of your passport with the front and back page or scan and keep a copy handy in your mobile or other electronic devices frequently in use.

If you are someone who travels frequently it is recommended that you apply for travel insurance which aid you in covering the extra expenses that occur due to the lost passport.