Gaming monitors are easy to carry around because they are lightweight and compact. They will fit in your backpack, and they do not put a strain on your shoulders or back. But there are important things you must consider before buying one. Whether you are a hardcore or casual gamer, we will help you buy the best portable gaming monitor.

Things to Consider When Portable Gaming Monitor

There are many portable monitors on the market, and choosing the best can be challenging. Here are the features you should consider to choose the best portable gaming monitor.

1) Refresh Rates

The refresh rate measures how often the monitor displays a new image on the screen. For the best gaming experience, you should buy a portable monitor with fast refresh rates.

The refresh rate of gaming monitors ranges from 60 Hertz to 240 Hertz. 60HZ is the least and is recommended for casual gamers. If you are a hardcore gamer, consider 144Hz or 240Hz for a smooth experience.

2) Response Time

Response time for monitors refers to the time taken to switch between colors. The best portable gaming monitors should have a quick response rate. For a great gaming experience, consider those with a response rate of 1 to 5 milliseconds. A device with more than 15 ms is not recommended for gaming.

3) Screen Features

The screen of monitors determines the display quality, an essential feature for gamers. Here are the features of the screen you should consider for quality display:

  • Screen size- buy a portable monitor with the same screen size as your gaming desktop. This will help you to maintain your gaming. But, a large screen reduces portability. So, you should scale down on the size if you have a large gaming desktop.
  • Resolution- the screen resolution determines the level of image detail. The best portable gaming monitors are full HD, which is 1080p. For more detailed images, buy a monitor with 4K resolution.
  • Color performance- consider a screen with excellent color accuracy. It helps you concentrate on the game. Also, it helps with competitive games that need you to be keen on the color details.
  • Panel type- panel type refers to the glass panes used to manufacture monitor screens. There are 3 panel types: twisted nematic, vertical alignment, and in-plane switching. We recommend portable monitors with the IPS panel type. They offer better color accuracy, a wide viewing angle and are durable.

4) Connectivity Options

The best portable monitors should have several ports for versatile connections. They should have the following ports:

  • USB-C port- for laptops, mobile devices, and PC connections. It also transfers power from the primary device to the portable monitor.
  • Mini HDMI port- for gaming console connections.
  • Audio jack- to plug in your headphones.

5) Speakers

Most portable gaming monitors feature two inbuilt speakers to enhance your audio experience. A good sound compliments the display quality and immerses you in the game. Consider speakers with a wattage of 2 to 5 because they amplify the sound for a long time.

6) Inbuilt Battery

Portable gaming monitors draw power from an external power source. But the best for traveling gamers should also have a built-in rechargeable battery. Such models are more expensive, though.

If you buy a battery-powered portable monitor, ensure that it has a long battery life. Some batteries can last up to eight hours, depending on usage and the gaming features enabled.

7) Monitor Protection

Portable monitors are fragile and can easily break if they fall or get hit when traveling. Consider brands with protection covers or screen protectors to keep your device safe. But you can also find effective third-party protector cases.

8) Warranty

Portable gaming monitors stand a high chance of electronic problems and physical damage. So, consider models sold with a warranty. We recommend monitors sold with at least a 1-year warranty. Remember that you must adhere to the terms and conditions of the warranty to benefit.

Wrap Up

The best gaming portable monitor meets your gaming needs and hardware requirements. So, identify your specific needs and consider the factors above to find the best one for your gaming. Once you are ready, check Lepow portable monitors for modern portable gaming monitors.