When it comes to art events, be it an exhibition in a gallery or museum, a concert, or another aesthetic occasion, the first thing you need to choose is lighting. This is a crucial part of any exhibition as this is what helps demonstrate the objects of art to the audience. In this case, modular wall panels will be the most appropriate solution.

Modular Wall Panels

What are portable walls?

Popular solutions named removable walls are usually presented in the form of panels painted in various colors and equipped with lighting. It is quite difficult to make such structures on your own and it is better to purchase a finished product. The manufacturers offer a fairly wide range of such compositions, but if none of them suits you, the customer can order an individual design. You can also make your own version of the paneled wall art – choose your own:

  • color;
  • shape;
  • and size.

Such a backlit panel can become an independent source of light. Its brightness is quite enough to create subdued dim lighting in the room. In addition, art walls are a very stylish piece of decor. Luminous panels can be used not only in ordinary premises but also for the design of exhibitions, as well as various events in museums and galleries.

Features of paneled wall art

Modular wall panels have their own design features. Since the backlight is designed to focus attention on the illuminated object, its own design, and shape are quite simple and concise. The most convenient and common models of wall modular are made in the form of a panel with lighting mounted in the construction. This is a very profitable solution for any art event, as the modular wall cost will occupy itself in the first exhibition! Furthermore, customers can use the panels for dozen times for different purposes.

Depending on the value of the picture and the required conditions for its maintenance, the backlight bracket must be of sufficient length, and the backlight itself must have a luminous flux power regulator and a UV reflector. This is done so that the thermal effect from the backlight and the radiation of the lamp does not spoil the canvas of the picture.

Moreover, the light source in portable walls for paintings should not distort the color gamut of the illuminated canvas, so halogen lamps are very often used in these constructions. If the backlight is equipped with another type of lamp, such as LEDs, then the color distortion is corrected using special coated shades.

The role of exhibition walls in interior design

Art wall panels for paintings and decorative objects are becoming more and more popular among modern interior designers, artists, and marketers. Their use provides inexhaustible opportunities for the realization of the most interesting and brilliant creative ideas.

Illumination of paintings and panels, as a rule, are mounted on top, above the illuminated object. However, portraits and some photo options look the most advantageous visually if they are highlighted below. Illumination of decorative mirrors can be either from above and below, or symmetrically double-sided. Skillful manipulation of the light beam emitted by the art walls creates a special aura of light mystery and elegant respectability in the room.

Modular wall panels make it possible to highlight certain original and stylish interior areas, as well as paintings, portraits, collages, panels, mirrors, niches, and similar artistic objects with the help of highlights, to effectively emphasize the merits of design. Finally, the soft and slightly diffused light creates a soothing atmosphere.