Most employers have detailed retirement plans for most of their employees as it should be in most states. That does not however restrict you from making other lifelong investments for your retirement too. You can for instance roll over whatever your employer’s retirement plan entailed to a new IRA account that you create. Individual retirement Accounts are opened with unique companies around the world that are used to invest in certain commodities including precious metals, stock, shares and even real estate. Read on this guide to understand what Gold IRA rollover is and how it is beneficial for your long term retirement plan.

1) Ideal for investing without tax repercussions

The truth is that most investments attract taxation. however if you choose to go for gold IRA rollover from your other plans, you enjoy some tax exemptions until later on when making the withdrawals. This is always ideal for most investors that are looking to avoid the extra charges that come with current investments. hence going for long term solutions like gold IRA rollover. You also need to remember that withdrawals can be made upon maturity of the contract which may be up to 60 years of age. Any withdrawals before that may be termed as a violation hence the need for penalties, taxes and repercussions.

2) Diversity of investment options

Once you rollover your 401K into your IRA account, you have different options of diversifying your portfolio. It is never an ideal investment decision to risk everything on one investment, especially when your future depends on it. With Gold IRA, you can not only invest in precious metals like gold, silver, platinum but also other options like bonds, CDs, EFTs, Mutual funds and Stocks. Be careful before choosing the ideal investment option to risk on considering two important factors that are:-

  • Retirement goals
  • Risk tolerance

Other ways of funding your IRA account

Rollover is just one of the ways that you can fund your account which entails moving funds from your other retirement plan accounts to your newly opened self-directed gold backed IRA account. There are, however, other means of funding your account that include the following highlighted below.

1) Direct Account Transfer

This is the best option for investors that prefer online or digital transactions. It entails account transfer to your new Gold IRA account for funding your purchases. Most investors prefer this option because of the direct transfer that can be done straight from your PC or smartphone, hence convenient and cheap, eliminating intermediary costs that would have surfaced. Direct account transfer is great because it is tax free, however you should get ready to wait as it takes slightly long.

2) Cash Contributions

This is in fact the most traditional method of funding your Gold-backed IRA account still being used by investors today. In this case you use your check or rather hard cash to fund your account for any purchases that you later on want to make. Determine first whether your bank does deal with wire transfers because that makes work even easier for you.