Dating apps have stood the test of time. If you take time and carry out research, you will find out that most people you have interacted with have subscribed to one of the dating apps. However, nowadays things are getting more interesting. People do not enjoy hooking up with new people just for dinner or drinks; they prefer casual sex. What other way to get no strings attached sex than through sex apps. The majority of people know about Tinder, but there are a ton of good hookup sites you can use for casual dating. Here are some of them.


You might have guessed it right; the application works only on Thursdays. The app was launched on 6th May in New York, and London only gives you 24 hours to find your match and set up a quick date. Even though it is an invite-only app, there are 110,000 people already subscribed. For security purposes, catfishing is discouraged by prompting users to verify their identity using their IDs or passports before joining. If you are not a resident of London or New York, you do not need to worry because the app will be available in Liverpool, Glasgow, Cardiff, Birmingham, and Manchester by the end of the month.

What makes the app unique is that it allows people to get off the screen and have physical dates. In addition, there is a members-only event scheduled to happen in the summer.


More than 80% of the people who used the Lover app for a week said they experienced excellent sex satisfaction. Lover works like a sex therapist by offering scientific solutions to sexual hiccups that the users may encounter. It gives the users well-researched information about things that they are willing to explore sexually.

The application is one of the best in the market because it comes with guides, games, and videos that the users can interact with as they learn new things. Apart from making the activities in the bedroom more interesting, the app helps you improve your sexual wellbeing. You get to learn about things such as being relaxed during sex, connecting with your partner, and expressing your sexual desires. What most people do not know is that a healthy sex life results in better health in general. The app is free to download, but if you want to gain access to all the content, you pay $9.99 every week.


It is a unique app because it relieved the stress of looking for a partner and shifting your friends’ burden. Your job is to decide whether their selection matches your description. You create a group chat with your close friends and pick people that would suit them, and they return the favor. To be on the safe side, it is better to privately chat with your close friends and exchange profiles of the people you want to set them up with first.

Since the app is still new, you might struggle to find a potential partner. However, with time, the app is likely to grow and match more people.


The app is free for ios users, and it asks you to link it to your Facebook account to access your location, photos, and interests. Once it gets your location from Facebook, it hooks you up with people in your postcode who are up for casual dating. The app’s catch is that the more information you put out there about yourself, the more you can see about others.

The app is popular among young professionals who are not shy when it comes to casual dating.


With the tag line “why be limited to one option at a time,” once you join HUD, you should know what you are getting yourself into. If you want to join the app, you need to link your Facebook profile or phone number.

As much as HUD might help you get that no-strings-attached relationship, you might also meet dangerous people who join the app anonymously. Therefore, you need to be extra careful before fully engaging a partner.


Imagine an application that stores all your nude photos and videos safely and securely. The only way you can access the files is if you and the other person enter passwords. The concept of the app is that only you and your partner can watch your previous activities together. It is becoming more common among couples who want to make their sex life more attractive in a safe way.

Sexy vibes

It is an android application that converts your phone into a vibrator. What makes the app interesting is that your partner who is far away from you can control it remotely. Therefore, long-distance hook-ups are possible.


If you are looking for a no-strings attachment urgently, this is the app for you. Once you are a member, you submit a request, declare your state, say whether you are looking for a man or a woman, and meet up location. The app then gets you potential matches that you choose from. Most people love using the app because of the privacy it offers.


In this app, you get recommendations based on your location and preferences. To like someone’s profile, you can click the love button, while to dislike a profile, tap the “X” button. Once you like someone’s profile and they like yours, you become matched and can chat freely. The target group is mainly people looking for threesomes. Couples can also join the app using the same account and chat with other people simultaneously.

What makes 3Fun popular is that it enables people to get threesome dates, and it is free. Additionally, to prevent scammers, the app requires photo verification.



Before joining these apps, you need to understand that the process has its risks. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that you have done a background check of your partner before deciding to meet them.