Mumbai local trains are one of the most used and cheap modes of transportation as such it costs less and usually runs on time. But now, western railways are planning to introduce more AC coaches into the local service.

The decision was drafted after the survey was done on the local commuters in the Mumbai local trains, the survey was more inclined towards knowing how people want to travel on a daily basis.

As per the news agency named ANI, General Manager of Western Railway, Alok Bansal said that the survey included 20 questions about various traveling issues. In that survey, about 70% of commuters wanted to tell the higher authority to increase the quantity of AC local coaches.

Mumbai local ac coach

Alok Bansal also added that they are continuously working to increase the number of AC local coaches and are in continuous talk with the Central government’s Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation (MRVC) and Maharashtra government’s Mumbai urban transport Project (MUTP).

He also cited that with the augmentation of time, people are now inclined more towards leisure and want better facilities and amenities around them. He also stated that in the near future there would be an increase in the number of AC coaches available in local trains.

If there are more AC coaches then there would be more consumption of fuel and electricity, then one might ask, how would the government be able to provide AC coach service at a lower rate? The answer as per Alok Bansal was to install more hybrid local trains with AC coaches in them.

Alok Bansal also added that there is an ongoing talk between the western railway authorities and the Indian coach factory (IFC) about various technical difficulties that may occur if the government tries to connect the AC coach with the Non AC coach. Enjoy the cool AC coaches!