8 Income Sources of Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor doesn’t earn from Movies alone.

The annual income of the Animal fame is around ₹30 crores.

The actor charges nearly ₹50 crores for each movie besides the %age profit of the project.

Ranbir has several other income sources apart from films.

Each brand that Ranbir endorses pays him approx. ₹6 crores.


The film production house was started by the Barfi! star in 2013 with Anurag Basu.

Picture Shuru Productions

The music-streaming company has Ranbir as a brand ambassador and shareholder since 2014.


The celeb owns a plush 4-BHK apartment in Bandra and a luxury apartment in Trump Tower, Pune.

Real Estate

Ranbir is a 35% stakeholder in the Indian Super League of the Football Group.

Mumbai CFG

DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations

The drone start-up in Pune sold 37000+ shares to the actor in 2022.

Ranbir earns ₹48 lakhs per year by renting his 13-crore-worth property in Pune.

Rented Properties

The actor has invested some amount in this plant-based sustainable products company.