10 Times "The Simpsons" Accurately Predicted the Future

Fox Studios’ The Simpsons is a cartoon with 750+ episodes airing since 1989. It is said to accurately predict future events for decades.

In S4 E21, The Simpsons predicted an unknown virus outbreak with no treatment available, quite similar to Covid-19.

The S6 E19 showed a character talking to its smartwatch which was first introduced 2 decades later.

The S9 E3 predicted the Ebola virus years before the actual outbreak of the relatively unknown disease.

The first episode of S9 aired in 1997 hinted at the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers with a brochure headline.

The S11 E17 showed an eerie resemblance to the actual event where Donald Trump made a public appearance on an escalator.

The S17 E10 predicted the Titanic submarine tragedy when a character gets stuck under the ocean finding an old ship.

In the S20 E4, a faulty voting device predicted a 2012 incident posted on YouTube about the incorrectly cast vote.

The S23 E22 predicted a concert where Lady Gaga was seen ‘flying over’ the audience which became a reality later on.

The S25 E16 made two shocking predictions about the FIFA corruption scandal which turned out to be real.

A special short released in 2019 represented Joe Biden and Kamala Harris quite before they actually became President and VP.