Even 15 minutes a day can be a big help in learning English. Use practical and simple ways that will improve your language skills day by day without special lessons.

Changing your smartphone language

Change the language of your smartphone to English. This method will cause discomfort for 1-2 weeks at most (depends on the initial level of English). The same can be done with social networks.

Ways To Make English Learning Part of Your Daily Life

It is quite difficult to decide on such a thing, and forcing yourself to get used to a large number of new words is not the easiest task, especially in the first three days. But you will be amazed at how many new words will immediately appear in your dictionary. And the practical use of them every day will be the best alternative to the hated and ineffective cramming.

The advantage of the method: no more remorse about the hours you spent on the Internet. Every minute with the phone in your hands on social networks will increase your vocabulary by at least 1-2 words.


Can you immediately say, what is the English name of the carpet? And a shelf? Great, if yes. But if you can not, you have to open the dictionary exactly once – and the word you need will be set aside in your memory in a couple of days. Just open the dictionary, do not be lazy to write the word and its transcription on a bright sticker, and then stick it to the named object.

Whenever you glance at an object with a sticker, be sure to read the inscription. Better yet, read it aloud. This way you can cover and memorize all the items in the house, car, workplace, garage, and of course the refrigerator.

After the words on the stickers will bounce off your teeth, make it harder. Write 2-3 of the most common phrases in which the word is used. It is important to learn English not by increasing the vocabulary, but by the correct use of collocations and established expressions. Then you can easily find a common language with a native speaker when you have the chance.

The advantage of the method: a number of topics are covered at the same time: furniture and household items, food, work, etc. Again, no cramming.

Communication with pets.

Yes, with pets. What is the biggest problem of all English language learners? It’s not the limited vocabulary. When the time comes to express yourself, an internal barrier prevents you – the fear of pronouncing incorrectly, the fear of appearing stupid.

The solution is in language practice. Tutor from native speakers is great. But if you do not want to waste either time or money, then use the existing vocabulary in communication with your beloved pet. He won’t judge if his pronunciation is lame and will still understand, even if you call a table a chair.

The advantage of the method: it helps to get rid of the language barrier and promotes daily language practice.


The way is very practical, but you have to prepare a little at first. Listening to songs in English, podcasts or watching movies is common advice, but ineffective if you understand one word out of ten. In addition, it gets boring quickly, since we mostly want to watch movies to relax, and not to frown in concentration, trying to figure out what important thought you just missed.

With a little preparation, however, the way will be extremely effective. Just choose 2-3 favorite songs in English to begin with, translate them, and read them a few times. Translate the unfamiliar words. There is no need to memorize. The words will memorize themselves after a few listens.

The advantage of the method: it allows you not just learn the words, but whole phrases in the order in which they are commonly used in spoken language. And if you’re not shy and sing along, then excellent language practice is guaranteed, especially since you can imitate the pronunciation of the English-speaking performer.

Listening to the radio and podcasts

The fluent speech of radio hosts will only cause horror at the beginning. If you try to focus on it, then little by little, you will begin to understand what they are talking about on the air. If you train yourself to listen to at least one English radio station, then you will begin to learn by ear the names of the programs, greetings of the presenters, farewell and many other phrases that are repeated from day to day. And by the way, if you are listening alone, then why not practice the answers of the presenters? They, just like your pet, will not condemn, and even sometimes they will answer on the subject.

The advantage of the method:  immersion in the language environment, language practice, mastering the most common topics.

Communicating on the Internet

In every social network, you can find a native speaker of any language. What is it worth to send a welcome smiley to some Englishman? Communication will start with someone. Then you will have nothing left but to get all your knowledge out of the subcortex and put it into practice. Over time, the task can become more complicated and switch to voice messaging and/or video chat. And if you want to venture deeply into learning English with a native speaker, you can check out English with Lucy, an online resource that has helped thousands of people in learning English.

The plus side of the method: real language practice with a native speaker. In addition, free of charge and as effective as possible.

The advantage of the method: there is a legend that Leonardo da Vinci always wore a notebook on his belt, where he recorded new ideas that suddenly came. Feel like Leonardo, carry a small diary with you, where you write down all the new words that you come across during the day. But just writing it down is not enough. Enter a rule – read everything written out loud once a day.

For the method to work, set yourself a limit: for example, do not turn on the TV series until you read the diary, do not sit down at a computer game until you repeat all the words, and so on. Or vice versa. Introduce a reward: read the diary, let you eat your favorite candy (and specially save those for the occasion) or think of something that will be a nice bonus for you for the work you’ve done. Writing essays is also a great way to improve your English. https://myessayhelper.net/service/assignment-help/ provides an excellent opportunity for students to get assignment help from experienced professionals and writers.

The advantage of the method: increase the level of discipline, which will be a nice bonus and, at the same time, will help you achieve your goal of improving your language.

Reading or apps

Which do you choose? In the first case, you can make a habit of reading at least one page of a book a day or devote 5 minutes to a task from the many apps that help you learn English.

Not inspired by reading books? Why not write out a magazine on a topic you’re interested in and read what’s really useful?

The advantage of the method: acquiring a literate speaking skill.

5 recommendations that will not let you get off the path of improving your English

  1. Don’t use all methods at once. Overloading is a sure way to not only abandon the endeavor, but also to turn away the desire to learn the language itself.
  2. Start using 1 method a week. Once you get used to it, add the next one.
  3. To avoid dropping out, make a schedule of introducing these methods and plan it for the next few months.
  4. A written goal is an accomplished goal. Set a goal for the number of new words/phrases/themes you’d like to master perfectly and set a date when the plan is due.
  5. In the beginning of the journey, record a one-minute video of yourself speaking exactly one minute in English on any topic available to you. After a month, repeat the recording and compare the results. Clear progress is the best motivation to keep going.

Monitor your progress every two weeks. Clear progress is the best motivation to move on.