There are many cities in world where you go out with friends and family to chill and sometimes just to explore and then you come back to your own city with a lot of  memories, some are bad and some are good and then you are regular routine starts in your own city but many times there are cities which leave a great impression and impact on your life and might even influence you many times and Mumbai is one of the most influential city that drives more people towards it every.

Local trains in mumbai is life line to mostly everyone living in the city of dream as it is the most easiest mode of transport to reach from one place to another.

People in Mumbai love street food, you will find delicious pani puri to chat on every corner of the street and yes, the mouth watering spicy Vada Pav can any day beat a burger at Mc Donalds or KFC.

Checkout the below video and come fall in love with this beautiful city Mumbai

Video Credits :- rohit bhalla