Believe her when she says “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart“. She has once again proved that she’s a pro!

Swifties were damn excited for her Eras Tour in Sweden but what happened on stage over the weekend has left her fans in awe!

Taylor Swift suffers wardrobe slip at Stockholm Eras Tour but she nails It like a boss

Taylor Swift was performing live at Friends Arena in Stockholm when she experienced a technical wardrobe malfunction. But the songstress handled the entire fiasco like a pro! Apparently, Taylor was in the middle of singing a few surprise songs when she realized some technical glitch as she began facing sound issues. She was dressed in a flowing blue maxi-gown and the mic pack attached to the back of her dress ‘came undone’. But without panicking, Taylor knew what had to be done immediately.

Watch Taylor Swift Rip Open Dress, Handle Wardrobe Malfunction Like A Pro

Caught on a video footage, Swift informed about the technical issue with her microphone and requested them to ‘talk amongst themselves’ while she went on to adjust the device. When she couldn’t do it from over her dress, she reached out for a bench near her piano and surprisingly RIPPED OPEN the front of her dress! It was a wrap-around gown and the artist was still wearing the outfit from her previous performance underneath.

Taylor Swift Has Eras Tour Wardrobe Malfunction in Stockholm

While most other artists would wait for tech help to fix the issue for them, Taylor started attempting to do it on her own. Soon, a crew member came rushing towards her for her rescue and ended up fixing the issue. In the end, Swift ‘swiftly’ closed her dress, did a silly little dance, and seamlessly resumed her performance.

Taylor Swift rips off dress on stage as unexpected wardrobe malfunction caught on video

The entire incident soon went viral on the internet when a TikTok user posted the video on social media. Fans were seen commenting and appreciating the way the star handled the entire situation. People went on commenting that “with a toned body like that, she simply had nothing to hide.” Fans were in awe that ‘she’s such a pro’!