Want a Bigger Netflix Catalogue? Move to the Caribbean

The size of the British Netflix content library barely made it into the top 50 worldwide. According to this list, UK Netflix is number 49 when it comes to the choice of films and shows viewers can stream. Top five best locations for streaming included the US, three Caribbean nations (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Aruba) and French Guiana.

You can access Netflix from most countries in the world, but the type of content you view will differ dramatically. In some countries like the UK, Australia, Israel, New Zealand, the catalogue is very restricted, while in others it can be double the size.

That said, you don’t have to move to the sunny Caribbean – as nice as it would be – to expand your Netflix library. Read to find out why Netflix catalogues differ so much between the regions and how to use a VPN to unblock USA Netflix, the biggest Netflix directory of content in the world.

Netflix directories differ so from country to country

Netflix has gained a lot of ground over the years to become a household name. Its popularity has given it an edge in the entertainment scene. The platform boasts thousands of TV shows and movies available for audiences in 190+ countries worldwide.

It’s worth noting that Netflix catalogue varies from one country to the next, so you may not get the same content as people from other parts of the world even when you pay the same monthly fee (or in some cases, a higher one).

Netflix offers different movies and shows for different countries. If you open a Netflix account in the UK, and you travel abroad, your content library will change. You’ll not only view new content, but you also may not be able to enjoy some content that you did back at home.

Content licensing and geo-blocking

The reason behind this change is content licensing.

What films and shows appear in each country’ catalogue is not Netflix’s caprice but a result of a law. Certain content cannot be licensed in some countries. Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense to license a particular piece of content in a country because of the low demand or limited budget. With media assets worth millions of dollars, it’s no wonder that producers and distributors protect films with strict copyright laws.

Since the law only allows Netflix to offer viewers content that is licensed in their country, they employ a technique known as geo-blocking. Geo-blocking means that the site analyses your IP address to identify your location and shows you the right content for your region.

Expanding your Netflix library

If you want to access films and shows that aren’t available in your region, you can use a VPN to change your location to a more desired location. A VPN, Virtual Private Network, is a cybersecurity measure that builds a safe Internet connection between the user’s device and the network. For most people, however, VPN is best known not for its cybersecurity qualities but as a way to hide their real IP address and switch to other locations. To watch films and shows from the US catalogue, simply download a VPN app onto your device and select a location in the US to connect.

It’s important to note that Netflix has been cracking down on VPN users. Back in 2016, almost all VPN providers would let you access Netflix instantly. Today, the number of VPNs that work on Netflix is constantly shrinking as the streaming platform and VPN companies play an endless cat and mouse game.

It’s safe to say that none of the free apps will do the trick at this point. If you want to watch foreign Netflix, you will need to invest in a paid VPN plan. It’s recommended to use a VPN with a free trial, so you can see for yourself whether it really unblocks streaming platforms.

Bottom line

Netflix’s film selection has been decreasing for a while now as the streaming platform favours TV shows over features. If you’re a film fan, you can now access 2,000 titles less than you would have in 2010.

With the Netflix catalogue being so limited in the UK and shrinking even further, using a VPN seems to be the only way to sustain a Netflix addiction. It will, however, take some flexibility. As Netflix’s VPN ban tightens, VPNs that used to bypass the geo-blocking might stop working while new ones will pop up. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different providers until you find the right match.

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