Travelers visit lots of places around the world and remember to bring something with them in the memories. If you are an explorer and planning to visit Vietnam in the near future then you are surely going to love this bridge. It is requested that do not miss the visit to this coolest bridge in the world otherwise your entire trip will be seriously a waste.

vietnam bridge

The architecture of this bridge is so brilliant that people from all across the world visit Vietnam just to see the bridge. Located just in front of Da Nang in Vietnam, the bridge is hanging at a height of 4,500 ft. above the sea level and it is constructed upon two hands, so when people look at it from a certain distance, it seems like a pair of hands is holding the entire bridge.

Vietnam Has Coolest Bridge Ever - The View Is Breathtaking

Because it is located at that much height, the view from the center of the bridge is mesmerizing as well as scary like anything. The two hands that are holding the bridge are made up of fiberglass and wire mesh. After the construction of both hands was completed, the makers painted it with grey and green color combination which gives it a perfect look of having grass-grown upon it and aged hands.

Vietnam Has Coolest Bridge Ever - The View Is Breathtaking

The tourism industry in Vietnam has approximately invested around $2 billion behind this bridge and have recorded a visit of more than 1 billion tourists per year.

famous vietnam bridge

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and visit Vietnam. Take pictures from the bridge of the wonderful and beautiful view and enjoy your time.