Black Lives Matter is one of the social movements that are very present in society. As injustices against Black people have become more and more often, attention needs to be drawn to them. More and more people are discriminated against for reasons based on religion, home country, skin color, and so on. Discrimination is only making society more violent and aggressive.

Those who are discriminated against suffer major injustices. They might be refused a job based on their skin color. They might earn less money than their white counterparts, even though they do the same job. Police are more aggressive with Black people and the examples are numerous. The case of George Floyd who was killed with brutality by police without having done something wrong is among the ones that triggered activism and protests across the country. And it is not the only one. How have students who get an education shaped the movement?

Participating in Protests

Maybe one of the greatest ways students have shaped the movement is that they participated actively in protests around the country. As a college student, you may learn about civic and social movements that have helped societies evolve and develop. You might have learned about the history of your country and how some groups of ambitious students and youngsters have changed the course of history through their activism.

Students have now the opportunity to fight for what they believe in. The younger generations are more ambitious and determined to create a better world. They are determined to draw attention to essential matters for the good development of society, such as the injustices against Black people. You can also search for Black Lives Matter essay examples and find out more about how this movement was started and the incredible changes it led to. Even though there’s still a lot to do and change on discrimination matters, students have the power to draw change and shape social movements through their activism. College life is hectic, funny, chaotic, and incredible. You meet new people on a daily basis and make new friends. Youngsters do not have preconceptions when it comes to skin color, so they fight for equal rights for themselves and their peers and friends.

Social Media Activism

Today, everything happens on social media. There are over 4.70 billion social media accounts as of July 2022 and the numbers will likely increase. Even though youngsters might be the ones who use social media more than others, everyone is present there and uses these platforms one way or another. Youngsters are also open to trying new apps, tools, and platforms. They are quick to adopt changes and discover new ways of entertaining and getting informed.

Students are very active on social media and this helps them draw attention to things they believe in, such as the Black Lives Matter social movement. They can express their opinions and points of view, which encourages others to do the same. Student activism has shaped this social movement in many ways. They helped it grow and gain momentum and students shared and reshared news articles or opinions. As social media is represented by platforms with billions of users, they represent crucial tools in amplifying your voice and making it known not only to your colleagues and friends but to wider audiences.

Founding Black Lives Matter Branches

Another way students have shaped the movement is through founding branches in their colleges or neighborhoods. Many of them have founded Black Lives Matter branches that aim to protect the rights of Black students who are discriminated against. They organize thematic weeks and days that aim to raise awareness on racial education, discrimination, and many more topics everyone should know about.


Black Lives Matter is one of the social movements that has changed and shaped society. It aims to raise awareness of the discrimination that is still very present in our societies and against Black people. Students represent one of the most active groups in this movement.

They use social media as a tool to inform other people, but also amplify their voices and make their ideas and points of view heard. They have participated in protests, helping the movement gain more and more momentum. Also, students have founded many Black Lives Matter branches that aim to help discriminated students and protect their rights.

Bio lines: Charlie D. Kenney is a blogger and content writer. Charlie has always had an activist trait and has participated in many protests. Charlie fights for what he believes in and he shares more of his ideas through his articles.