On 19th November 2016, you will be able to attend the Cold Play concert in Mumbai for free. Yes you read it right, Global Citizen Festival announced this good news on it’s website that on 19th November which is also world toilet day, they will be doing a charity show in Mumbai along with Coldplay as one of the main headliners.

Update: Coldplay Concert In Mumbai Will Be A FREE Event, Once In A Lifetime Opportunity For Everyone

Global Citizen have launched a 15 year long campaign in India to bring mobilize Social Change in the country. Global Citizen festival in Central Park is a free event where anyone can attend the concert, In the same way it will be free concert in Mumbai on 19th November. All you need to do is contribute towards Equality, Education and Sanitation facilities in India.

Well, We bet everyone will contribute for the betterment of the country if they get a chance to attent Coldplay concert for free.

From Monday onwards you can book your tickets on a new web platform by signing up to become a Global Citizen and completing the festival’s action campaigns at GlobalCitizen.IN

Guys your kidney is safe, you don’t need to sell it off to attend the Coldplay concert!

Excited ? I’ll be the first one to attend the show!

Source: Global Citizen