Do you know any person who smokes weed? – Well, then definitely you might be aware of their characteristics and the way they behave. Those philosophical talks, weird jokes, and courage to do anything! This article is a tale from Uttar Pradesh of one such stoner, who did something that will make you giggle.

If you’ve ever seen weed, what’s the closest thing you will compare it with? – I’ll tell the answer, it’s Methi. A stoner from Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh took this resemblance to another level – just for kidding.

What is the story of Ganja Sabzi?

UP Family Consumes ‘Ganja’ Sabzi thinking of it as Methi | All Hospitalised

Naval Kishore is a resident of a village in Kannauj. A few days back, he gave a packet full of weed to a villager’s son Nitesh. When Nitesh asked, what is this? Naval Kishore said that this is Methi. Unaware of it, Nitesh gave it to his sister in law and told to prepare sabzi of it.

After consuming the sabzi of weed and potatoes, the health of all the six family members started deteriorating. Hence, they sought their neighbors’ help to call doctors. During this course, the entire family fainted, and later on, they were admitted to the hospital.

When police reached their house for investigation, they found the remaining packet of weed along with the sabzi cooked from it. Identifying the source of weed, police arrested, and interrogated Naval Kishore. When asked for the purpose, why he did that, Naval Kishore said,

“Maine mazak mazak mein ganje ke pattiya de di thi.”

Although the family is recovering, this is not a good joke to do with people. Intoxicants are harmful and can also prove fatal!