It isn’t uncommon to plan about things people would do if they won a lottery. Some pay their college loans while others buy a luxury car. Some people start a business while others leave their jobs and rest at home. Of course, there are various things people choose to do, but there are people who literally crossed lines and planned something that was out of the box. God knows what they were thinking, but it sure is interesting!

Unusual things people do or will do when they win a lottery ticket

Here are a few unusual yet interesting things people utilized their lottery money on.

1) A female wrestling TV show:

South Carolina’s Jay Vargas, won the lottery in the United States and was declared the youngest lottery winner. He spent his lottery money on a female wrestling show called ‘Wrestlicious takedown.’ However, Jay didn’t get much luck, and the show was taken down only after the first season. But he sure invested his money on something unexpected.

2) Bought lands but not on earth:

David Copeland took out of the world way too seriously. After winning a lottery of £1 million, David decided to buy an acre of land on the moon, and he didn’t stop there. He also bought land deeds on Venus and Mars. With technology pacing, this has become less crazy. But it still is crazy considering the long-term investment in something which is yet to be made possible.

3) The lottery led to being broken:

Michael Carroll, only 19 years old, won a million-dollar lottery, which eventually became a nightmare after only five years. After having money in hand at a very young age, he spent it all on drugs, parties, and cars. Consequently, he got broke only in 5 years.

But these were the stories that people probably never planned and acted on. While surfing on Twitter every day, people come across tweets about other people planning what they would do when they win the lottery. And as much as they are hilarious, they are interesting too!

1) We don’t know what Terri Ortega was thinking, but her obsession with Donald Trumps’ wig looks very real. She’s planning on buying Donald Trumps’ wig if she wins the lottery, interesting!

2) Megan Upham might not be thinking about her upset stomach from eating an unlimited number of burritos from Fresco. Her only wish seems to be to eat them every day when she wins the lottery.

3) Oli Pizzey Stratford wants to be a celebrity for sure! Tagging Jimmy Fallon in his tweet pretty much shows his obsession with him narrating his life. He wants someone to walk around with him and narrate his life; he would pay them their lottery money, wow!

4) Nancy was very annoyed with her classmates that she would literally pay them to shut up until her graduation!

5) People are obsessing about breaking records. Aquarius, an exciting username, wants to break a record of wasting the most money in a single day when he wins the lottery ticket.

6) Terri Ervin sure loves cars! He wants to buy rainbow-colored range rovers so that he would drive them every day a different color. Fascinating!

7) Then there’s Joe power, who likes doing pranks and having a little fun! If he wins the lottery ticket, he will pay to play “it’s no unusual,” a soundtrack on the radio station for 8 hours, hilarious!

8) Hearing Noise wants to be a president and probably hasn’t applied for it yet. However, she is waiting to win a lottery ticket to buy her very own island and elect herself as the president. The girl got plans!

9) Angelica wants to give herself and her mom some treats. She wants to buy a private jet and rain down some Gucci products on her mom. And she plans never to meet the existing people in her life! It looks like she is annoyed!

10) While all the other people are planning to buy things for themselves and be independent, Johnathon Schaech plans to move in with his parents when he wins the lottery ticket. Whatever is going on in his mind, we cannot really know by the tweet.

11) Anthony Gallipoli wants to do the impossible. When he wins the lottery ticket, he wants to become an ironman! Some superhuman with supernatural powers!