Perhaps, it is the most powerful and superior national power of the worlds. There are many unpopular and controversial laws in USA only a few people are familiar with. Our article aims to throw light upon these laws. For enlightening the civilian body in the USA. Kindly go through our article and get a brief knowledge about them.

Unpopular And Controversial Laws in USA – Top 7 Laws

You might be anxious for knowing about these laws. There are always a number of such unpopular and controversial laws existing within a country, but this article brings to attention the 7 top most of such Acts.

1. Revenue Act – 1913

Revenue Act – 1913

Source: The Lean Submariner

Revenue Act of 1913 ranks the first amongst the unpopular and controversial laws in USA. It first came into existence in the 20th Century.

After the sanctioning of the Sixteenth Amendment and in Federal Income Tax, the tariff rates went down from 40% to 25% beneath the Payne-Aldrich Tariff Act of 1909. After getting the approval from President Woodrow Wilson on October 3, 1913, this act came into existence.

A number of votes for the Revenue Act was as follows. 98% of House Democrats, acceptable 5% from the House Republicans, Senate Democrats gave 94% of the votes, and Senate Republicans a 12%.

2. Tariff Act-1930

Unpopular And Controversial Laws in USA

Source: Center on Congress

The Tariff Act of 1930 had a 90% of abutment from the Republicans and only a minority of 25% votes from the Democrats. These unpopular and controversial laws in USA was against the expenditure spent on import items. This Act soared the cost of tariffs on tens of thousands of imported products amongst the country. The act had a high influence on the import export business. Besides that, many of the economists think of it to be a prime factor resulting in the Great Depression.

More than 1000 economists were in its oppose during it’s sanctioning in the Parliament.

3. Civil Rights Act-1964

Civil Rights Act-1964

Source: Standford History Education Group

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 came into existence with a 61% from the Democrats and 80% of the Republicans. Due to this, there was a 19% gap in the House and a 13% voting gap from Senate. Because of the support from 69% of Democrats and 82% of Republicans.

It is on our list of unpopular and controversial laws in USA as a result of its accomplishment and conserves. There were certain constitutional rights, including the right to vote, to a public education, to employment, to private services, and to public assistance programs. It resists the discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, color and nationality.

This Act permits the Federal Government to have the power to acquire the private business owners. For providing them with services and perhaps this was the main reason leading to controversy.

4. Securities Exchange Act- 1934

Securities Exchange Act- 1934

Source: Mstartzman

The Securities Exchange Commission brought the Security Exchange Act. It is an authority sanctioning rules and regulations concerning tradable financial assets. Democrats gave a lot of support to this law. Although, the votes amount to almost 31% of House Republicans and 58% of Senate.

Moreover, the Act put the governance on the aftermarket of previously sold stocks, bonds and other financial assets. It came into application in regards to the, Securities Act of 1933. Ensuring the primary financial securities market.

Entrusting their securities in the Primary Market, many companies made a lot of bucks. The Securities Exchange Act regulates the secondary trading of such securities between persons often not aware of it.

5. Social Security Amendments-1965

Social Security Amendments-1965

Source: Census Bureau

Getting the support from Congressional Democrats, the Social Security Amendments of 1965 is next to feature on our list of Unpopular and Controversial Laws in USA.

This order governed the Medicare and Medicaid programs.  Hence, they supplemented health care to senior citizens (people over 65 years of age) and families living in poverty. These two programs were the preliminary source of controversy between the two political parties. As it was a continuous burden on the federal budget.

This law had 86% of backing from the House Democrats and a mere 47% Republican backing. A high 89% Democrats supported the act and only 48% votes were received from the Republics from the Senate group.

6. Economic Recovery Act-1981

Economic Recovery Act-1981

Source: Tax Guru

Also known as the Reagan-era tax, the Economic Recovery Act 1981 brought a lot of reforms in individual income taxes, estate taxes, and business taxes.

This Act of 1981 had a majority of 99% votes from the Republicans and 78% support of Democrats within the House leaving a 44% voting gap. A 19% voting gap occurred in the Senate by a 98% of votes of Republicans and a 78% from Democrats. The Economic Recovery Act was proving eminently beneficial to the wealthiest taxpayers and on that account, it faced heavy criticism via Congress.

This act gashed estate taxes and trimmed taxes paid by business corporations by $150 billion over just a five-year period. Moreover, the tax rates were indexed for inflation, though the indexing was delayed until 1985.

7. Balance Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act – 1985

Balance Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act – 1985

Source: California Political Review

The Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985 sanctioned the first guidelines to restrict federal government spending in an endeavor to decrease the national deficit.

This act extensively made an impact on the deficit limit over a 5-year period. As a result, the deficit limits were not met in a proper manner. The public departments received budget cuts as the Politicians had united in their criticisms and concerns. A few amendments and acts were under protection for cutting the implementation of this Act. Such as the protection of the Social Security Act.

The Act came into existence with the maximum favor of the Congressional Republicans. A mere 48% of House Democrats and 50% of Senate Democrats were in support of this law.


This was a glimpse of the theory content of unpopular and controversial laws in USA. The article is precisely written aiming to the interest of general public body and to aware the civilians about the ongoing controversial situations due to laws passed within a few decades.

We hope Don’t get serious’s compilation will be helpful to you for getting familiar with the Unpopular And Controversial Laws in USA.