How frustrating it is to cancel a vacation plan when your boss doesn’t approve a leave! Ari was also frustrated and made a plan to set up her twin sister at work to sneak out for the holiday. But the duo soon fell in trouble when her clever boss caught them and got angry.

In a recent incident, a social media influencer from Canada, Ari Chance took to TikTok and shared her experience of how she sneaked her twin sister at her job for a day to enjoy a holiday. Ari had earlier requested a leave but her organization had rejected it. She was eager to go on vacation, so she came up with a plan to replace herself with her twin sister, Noe Chance, at work for a day. The idea struck her mind owing to the uncanny resemblance the two sisters share as twins.

Twin in Trouble After Letting Sister Take Her Place at Work so She Could go on Holiday

Ari and Noe have over 800,000 followers on TikTok and they keep sharing funny videos on how they use their striking resemblance in different situations. From confusing their boyfriends for one another to being present at two different places at the same time, the Chance twins have used their aspect of being each other’s lookalike to their advantage. But doing it in real life instead of social media got them in big trouble.

Ari posted a video that received thousands of views and mixed opinions in the comment section. She mentioned in the caption that her boss saw the video of having her twin sister replace her at her job and this time, the issue got escalated. Apparently, her boss also sent her an infuriated e-mail when her scheme was exposed as Noe was pretending to be Ari at work.

She also shared the screenshot of her boss’ e-mail that clearly showed how frustrated he was with her unacceptable behavior at work. He demanded an immediate apology for the misconduct and warned her against the consequences of this unprofessionalism expressing “disappointed regards”.

Viewers showed mixed reactions to this incident. While some thought it was “craaazyy”, some were even skeptical about the originality of the mail. Some took the incident in a humorous way while others were doubtful about the genuineness of the whole situation.