Looking for the perfect semi truck accessories that will be the perfect gift for a loved one who spends a lot of time on the road? Practical gifts that remind your driver you’re thinking of them are easy to find when you know where to shop and what to look for. Here are some ideas for a great gift for any trucker.

 A Wireless Headset

Hands-free headsets are vital for commercial drivers. It’s illegal for a commercial trucker to use a hand-held cell phone. A quality hands-free headset can help your loved one stay in touch while he or she is on the road and stay safe while driving. Look for a brand that is designed to be used in a semi-truck. Even if your favorite driver has a headset, another one can be a real bonus for those long days to use while one is charging.

Electric Blanket

There’s something comforting about warming up your bed before you climb in. The heat of an electric blanket soothes sore muscles and relaxes tired legs and back. Look for a blanket with a long cord or one that relies on a 12-volt charger. This lets the driver not have to idle during sleep. Pick up a winterfront for the truck to keep the cold at bay.

Portable Vehicle Safe

Having a lockable box that can store valuables while the driver leaves the cab offers more security than just locking up. A portable vehicle safe offers a little more protection if the driver has to pick up a cashier’s check or cash at delivery.

Pressure Relieving Cushions

Sitting in a truck all day long can take a toll on the body. Look for a cushion or back support that alleviates some of the discomforts in the hips, back, and neck. Another great gift idea is a back massager that works out the kinks in the muscles after being behind the wheel. Dealing with traffic, construction and deadlines put a lot of stress on a person.

Subscriptions to Audio Services

A subscription to an audiobook service or podcast that your loved one is interested in can help pass the time when you’re not around to talk. Although there are many radio stations available across the country, a music service without ads is another nice present that anyone who drives would enjoy. An XM Satellite radio is another idea for a gift. 

First-Aid Kit

This gift may not sound personal, but it could be life-saving on the road. A fresh first-aid kit with items to take care of minor burns, small cuts, and routine problems can make sure that your driver has what is needed. Many people forget to update their first-aid products.

Portable Refrigerator

Help your loved one eat healthier on the road with a fridge that is powered by a truck battery. Having cold drinks in the cab saves money at convenience stores and time. Pair it with a microwave to make sure your driver can heat up food anywhere or anytime. 

A Gift Card Can Be A Great Gift, Too

It can be difficult to buy Peterbilt headlights or other customized gifts. Purchase a gift card from a great place for truckers to shop.