We all were eagerly waiting for the Apple Event 2017 since a long period of time. Here is our complete precise article on, Top 7 Announcements made at Apple Event 2017. In the present article, we will make you familiar with the top notch announcements made at the event. So that you can have detail about each of them and make a perfect decision about any device or software.

Announcements made at Apple Event 2017 – Top 7 Announcements

While there were many announcements made at Apple Event 2017, here is the list of the top ones. Kindly go through each of them and get familiar with them.

1. WatchOS 4

When we are introducing a new watch, then why shouldn’t there be a new operating system. The first to come was WatchOS 4, that provides a lot of benefits to all the Apple Watch Lovers. This OS makes it extremely easier for us to avail the benefits of Apple Watches.

2. Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series has the best features right now. Apple has eliminated the requirement of iPhone for operating the watch. Now you can easily wander around with it, making and receiving calls as well as text messages. With the Apple Watch Series 3, they are taking the connectivity to the next level.

3. New Operating System iOS 11

A new device comes with a new operating system. Following the same rule, the next top announcement at Apple Event 2017 was the introduction of iOS 11. With this OS, Apple will offer us with more functionalities and ease of access to the iPhone 8 and other older versions of iPhone.

4. Apple TV 4K Streaming Box

And when we are talking about the era of Digitalization, compromising on the picture quality is worthless. Featuring the Apple TV 4K Streaming Box, they are taking the creativity to a new level. You will be having plenty of benefits and features to enjoy with this streaming box.

5. iPhone X

Finally, the rumors went true. In this Apple Event 2017, there is an introduction of two different iPhones. iPhone X as well as iPhone 8. It is the mark of celebration of the tenth anniversary of Apple and Apple celebrated it in a grand manner with the launch of 2 iPhones simultaneously.

6. iPhone 8

With many exciting features to offer us with, the iPhone 8 is perhaps the most awaited phone of the year 2017. There are plenty of features with this iPhone that would make us adore the phone more and more. Ranging from the Retina Display to Face ID as well as Wireless Charging. You will get extra ordinary features while using it.

7. iPhone 8 Plus

And the higher version is always there with us. With some more benefits when comparing it with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus is also an extra ordinary version of iPhone 8. All these announcements at Apple Event 2017 are going to be much popular among people because of their advancement in the technology.

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