Crossword puzzles exercise the brain and play a significant role in sharpening a person’s mental skills. Android and iPhone have several Crossword apps that one can enjoy alone or with friends. Below are 6 of the best crossword puzzle apps that you can consider for your Android or iPhone.

Crossword Puzzle

1) Penny Dell Crosswords

Penny Dell is a crossword app that will keep you entertained for hours. The game has interesting features and three different levels: easy, medium, and hard. There are several tips to offer guidance when stuck. The game involves solving the puzzle using the available pen or pencil based on one’s confidence in the answer provided; when using a pen, there is no erasing. The features of the game also allow one to correct mistakes while still filling the crossword puzzle.

2) Fill-In Crosswords

The Fill-in is a crossword app that provides a list of words and a player chooses a word that fits in the puzzle. This Fit-in crossword has different difficulty levels such as Expert, Hard, Intermediate, and Easy. Luckily, if you get stuck on one level, you use a crossword solver to help you crack the hard ones and advance to the next level. Each level contains over 200 puzzles which are available in multiple languages.

3) CodyCross

The crossword puzzle has an informative tutorial for beginners, offering guidelines on the steps to take when playing the game. The app has enticing visuals that will keep you engaged on your device the whole day. The puzzle is based on themes such as classic literature, outdoor activities, fashion, and famous leaders among other topics. When you choose a topic, you fill the crossword puzzle based on the topic.

4) Wordalot

Wordalot is an interesting crossword puzzle that is different from the usual puzzles. The game does not give you clues in the form of words, but instead, it shows you pictures. The pictures contain items that can be filled in the puzzle. Therefore, the items act as a clue as opposed to the usual letters. It has over 1000 unique levels with the latest images to solve unlimited crosswords and learn new words.

5) Alpha Betty Saga

The Alpha Betty Saga is a free game app for iPhone and Android. Fans of crossword puzzles can enjoy this game, which involves finding new words in the provided letter grid. The chosen character works with the “Encyclopedia of Everything” to complete the word. The game has more than 100 levels that keep getting harder as you go to the next level. The game is exciting, especially for people who would not mind healthy criticism.

6) Daily Celebrity Crossword

The name of this crossword puzzle is not in any way related to a specific celebrity. The daily puzzles are consistent with the theme for that day. Special days such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day present unique puzzles to commemorate the day. The game will stir your mind to think beyond, besides being overly informative.

The crossword puzzle apps above are great, and all of them are compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. Your choice will depend on the kind of challenge you want and the features available on the app. Most of these apps are free and therefore, you can enjoy filling your puzzle anytime, anywhere.