Top 12 Hottest Actresses With Perfect Body According To Japanese Men

Japan has always been a different country and so are the hot actresses of Japan. They are different in every possible way. Japenese hot actresses have the perfect body as well as killing looks. They are the right combination of cuteness and s3xiness at the same time. Well, this is what the world says.

Here is a list of top 12 hot actresses with the perfect body according to Japanese men!

1. Kyoko Fukada

Born in 1982, she debuted in 1997 with Sore ga Kotae da. She won the best actress award for Kamikaze Girls. Interestingly she is also a pop singer.

2. Sayaka Isoyama

Born in 1983, she is a Japanese gravure idol, entertainer, actress, and sports writer. She is loved for her voluptuous figure and perfect body.

3. Chinami Suzuki

She is a model, actress and also works as a television presenter. Chinami was born in 1989 and is a heartthrob of the Japnese male. She was selected as Toray Swimwear Girl while she was in university.

4. Kazue Fukiishi

She debuted in 2002 and is still active. At the 28th Yokohama Film Festival, She won the award for best-supporting actress for What the Snow Brings, Tegami, and Memories of Tomorrow.

5. Haruka Ayase

She is an actress as well as a singer. She debuted with her first single, titled “Period” On March 24, 2006.

6. Mitsu Dan

Born on December 1980, she became famous for BDSM Adult Movie thriller movie Be My Slave (2012). Her real name is Shizuka Saitō.

7. Rola Yammout.

She has played some of the best roles in Japnese films and is known for her busty figure.

8. Megumi Yasu

She is a Japanese entertainer as well as an actress. She has worked in various television shows and a handful of films.

9. Miwako Kakei

She is just 23 and has made her name in the cinematic universe. Miwako is s3xier than any other hot actress around her. She is an exclusive model for JJ and variety Taranto.

10. Mai Asada

She is a former competitive figure skater and is also a model. She has also worked as a TV representer.

11. Asami Tada

She is Japanese gravure idol affiliated with Asche. She won the Second Annual Meeting of the Japanese Idol Award on July 13, 2009, at Zakzak.

12. Mikie Hara

She is an actress as well as a model. She debuted with Cutie Honey: The Live as the lead role of Cutie Honey.

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