Reading books is the best way to gather knowledge and learn about heaviest emotions which are expressed by the authors. If you are a bookworm then you will definitely summarise the entire books after reading it properly. There are several novels and books to be read before you die, these books are the masterpiece created by their authors. Nowadays most of the content from the books are eventually made into movies for better understanding of the expression which the author is trying to express. Although most of US Navy thinking about which books to read after we completed a selected book.

Top 10 Best Books to Read Before You Die:

These are the best books which you can find for your reading list. Keep these books in your reading list and read them before you die.

1) Pride and Prejudice:

Pride and Prejudice Novel is written by Jane Austen, this Nobel prize to tell service over and over again with eternal contemporariness. This is novel enlightens the low-class structure of the society and exposing about the marriage of Georgian England. Nowadays we think about our society to be changed along with time, but in reality, it does not change a bit even in modern times like this. It basically gives you the idea about the actual work of the society from this novel. we would definitely recommend you to keep this book in the reading list.

Pride and Prejudice:

2) Never Let Me Go:

Never Let Me Go normal was written by Kazuo Ishiguro, he was the Nobel prize winner and written the science fiction novel. This novel gives you the complete flavor of acceptance, freedom, loss, youth, friendship, and love. The story is about the flawed characters just like any other average human beings, although the difference is that they are not human being there just clones in a dystopic world. If you want to feel the emotional touch about the value of life and want to take the lessons then definitely, we would recommend you to read this book. before you die.

3) Beloved:

Beloved was written by Toni Morrison; the book is written by women of color. Later on, she won Pulitzer for this book. This book is based on the American history of the slave trade. The book is filled with classic critique about the incident which was the painful period of America for dark-skinned humans. It will give me the emotional touch about the slave trade of America which was a haunting time for the peoples of the dark.

4) Things Fall Apart:

If you want to dive into the African culture and literature, then we would recommend you to read the Things Fall Apart written by Chinua Achebe. This book is based on the true history of colonized Africa and its shifting power dynamics. In the book, the Protagonist Okonkwo tries very hard to accept the norms and laws into his community. Although it is very hard for the Okonkwo to accept these challenges, this book gives you a complete perspective about civilization and the community meaning.

Things Fall Apart:

5) Frankenstein:

Frankenstein is one of the most famous novels written by Mary Shelly. This novel is the first Sci-Fi which was introduced into the world. The novel is about the story of an obsessed scientist, who creates a monster by using severed parts of the human body. This book is considered as one of the best fictions which was ever written, will get to learn about all the dark corners of life which are crowding our mind. Once you complete the novel, it will make you think who was the actual monster in the Frankenstein.

6) The God of Small Things:

The God of Small Things was written by Arundhati Roy, this book was the author’s first fictional book and she debuted with this work of art. She earned Booker prize due to this noble, it is the story about the terrifying and beautiful story of caste taboos. And the reaction of breaking them in the orthodox society. We would definitely recommend you to read this book which will inspire you about our society.

7) To Kill a Mocking Bird:

To Kill a Mocking Bird is considered as the American classic and the most educational and wonderful novel ever written. The novel was written by Harper Lee, the story is about the power structure in America in the eyes of an innocent and young guy named Scout. Which novel was written in the 20th century, but you will find several similarities with the current society.

8) The Great Gatsby:

This is another American classic named The Great Gatsby, it is written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This novel is based on the real-life issues of a fragile American dream, and the time to take to complete the dream for an average human being. This novel was even made into movies, due to its extreme similarity after real-life issues in America.

9) The Handmaid’s Tale:

The Handmaid’s Tale was written by Margaret Atwood, it is the real-life story of the endangered women right in America. This noble will give you the idea about the previous generation which ignores the women, this one of the terrifying histories of America you will ever read. Due to this novel, there are several political concerns raised, and it is based on real-life issues happening in America.

The Handmaid’s Tale

10) All About Love:

Bell Hooks wrote this wonderful book called All About Love, this book will teach you about love and the importance of it in human life. This group will give you an idea about how love is way more than just a noun than a verb. It will also give you a clear idea about how the meaning of love was misused by our society. If you want to fall in love, stay in love and even cultivate love, then we will recommend you to read this book.


If you like to read books and want to learn a different point of view of others were trying to express our world in. Then we will definitely recommend you to read the article carefully and keep these above-mentioned books in your reading list. We have research on the internet and provide you with the top 10 books which you definitely need to read before you die. Share this useful article with others, so that they can also get the time to you read these books.