As the name suggests, the contact lenses are the small prescription lenses advised by your eye care professional, to correct the fault in your vision. They adhere to the tear film on your eyes and thus float with every movement. Numerous brands in the market sell their contact lenses but it is better to buy these from reliable and trustworthy stores after a fitting, such as Urban Optique. This article comprises the tips to keep in mind if you are an active user of contact lenses.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Using Contact Lenses

  1. Start with following the same schedule every time. This means that you must always start by putting the lens in the same eye. This way you can be sure that you don’t mix your lens.
  2. A lens might hurt when it has something on it or under it. Remove it immediately and clean it with the rinsing solution. Don’t use them if they hurt consistently. In the case of red eyes, stops using them altogether.
  3. Replace your eye make up every three months. Avoid using glittery makeup, eye-liners on the inner rim of your eyes. This can irritate your lens and cause damage. Always use non-allergic make-up.
  4. You can wear contact lenses in most of the sports with some exceptions. If you like swimming avoid wearing contacts in water. The eye infection can make your lens adhere strongly to your tear film in such a way that it becomes difficult to remove. Also, hot tubs are responsible for most of the bacterial infection so you need to be careful.
  5. Always keep an up to date prescription glasses even though you wear contact lenses. You can use them if you need a break from their long duration usage or any unfavorable situation.
  6. Avoid eye-straining due to looking at your screen for longer periods. Take 20 seconds to break and focus your eyes at an object that is 20 feet away from you in every 20 minutes.

Cleaning procedure for your contact lenses

  1. Contact lenses are vital for your vision balancing. A good pair of contact lenses come with a solution and a kit. Keeping your contact lenses clean is very important to prevent any bacterial growth in your lenses and thus any infection in your eyes.  Therefore, it is important to know about the precautions and step that needs to be taken before using your contact lenses.
  2. Keep your hands clean before touching the contact lenses. Use an antibacterial soap to clean them and dry them properly. Avoid using and oil or soap that can create a cloudy appearance on your lenses.
  3. Always use a fresh cleaning solution to disinfect your lenses. Using tap water, saliva, saline solution, etc does not serve the purpose of disinfecting your lenses. To clean your lens, it is essential to use a cleaning solution every time. Avoid touching your contact lens with the fingernails. Nails have the dirt and bacteria accumulated within them. Rub and rinse is the best way to clean your lenses using the fresh cleaning solutions.
  4. Always keep your lens case at the place that is dry and properly lit. Humidity provides the perfect opportunity for bacterial growth. Always rinse your contact lens case with a cleaning solution and then leave them in open to dry completely. Don’t clean it with water that may contain micro-organisms or is not sterile at all.
  5. Avoid transferring your cleaning solution into the smaller and compact containers. This may end up compromising the quality and sterility of the solution.
  6. Always keep the lid of your cleaning solution tightly packed so that it does not leak out from the container. Avoid contact with the open atmosphere or surfaces as much as possible.
  7. Replace your contact lens container at least once in three months without any delay. The container should be brought from the medical stores only.
  8. Never wear your contact lenses for more than 30 days after opening them once.