Tips To Help You Detect Fake Gadgets Immediately

There was a time when smartphones were considered luxury items but now it is no less than a mighty necessity. Handheld computers are what smartphones are, and there are so many tasks it can perform. Many people cannot even imagine a life without smartphone in this generation. This is why the demand of these is completely high. Because of their demand, many manufacturers attempt to duplicate those products and sell them at a lower price. This fake gadgets do not do exactly what they are supposed to do. The designs might be same but the features and the performance would not be similar. Here are the ultimate tips that would help you detect fake gadgets almost immediately, and stay away from them.

1. The Packaging

Most of us ignore the packaging of the products we order online. This should never be done. It is because the real gadget would be in perfect condition without any flaws, whatsoever. If it is one of those fake gadgets, the packaging would not be perfect. Along with it, also check for the font at the back of the box. It might be different from that of the original.

2. Check For The Unboxing

iPhones never come in plastic casing. If your iPhone does, be sure that it is fake. Similarly, check for the unboxing videos of the phone you have ordered. Make sure that the inside-the-box materials are similarly looking and similarly packed.

3. Language In The User Manual

If the user manual you receive with the product is written in a foreign language, you have received one of the fake gadgets.

4. The Material Of The Product

The brands are known for the detailed perfection they provide. If small details like the edges of your adapter come with ridges, the product is not from the real brand.

5. The Fonts In Which The Brand Name Is Written

You should check the real font of the brand name in Google. It should exactly match the font of the brand name on each and every component you get within the box. A little change would prove that you have received fake gadgets.

6. Little Details On The Chargers

Check out for the little details such as seams on the plastic and the smooth endings which would help you distinguish between fake gadgets and real gadgets.

The writing on the charger should also be double checked. The manufacturers who duplicate products do not really pay attention to these details. Additional symbols might be added or existing symbols might be removed. Check it thoroughly before believing in the product.

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