Three Idiots feat. Papa ki Pari!!

Hundreds of such funny comments and likes were seen on this viral video which isn’t even 10 seconds long.

In a recent incident, a video went viral on the internet showing three girls falling from a bike into a drain and coming out drenched in dirty water. The funny thing about the incident was that the water was all black and the girls were dressed in clothes that looked humorous on getting dirty.

The video was posted by an ‘X’ (Twitter) user @PalsSkit on the social media platform:

The post quickly went viral and sparked a lot of attention from the viewers not because they were concerned about the girls but because it looked so funny! People watched the 9 seconds long video and started sharing and commenting bizarre things that were funnier than the post itself. Some were writing “papa ki pari hai, koi kucch nahin bolega” while some mentioned that they were “here to read the comments”.

Oftentimes, funny content like memes and videos tend to go viral and set the Internet on fire. And this incident is one such meme material! The three girls are first spotted together riding the same motorcycle but in the very next moment, they fall into a sewer and are seen coming out covered in mud and dirty water. The best thing about the video is it seems unedited and has viewers ROFL.

Although the cause of their falling into the drain is unclear, people around them are seen helping them take out the bike from the sewer which again is all dirty. But the Internet doesn’t spare anyone. There are many incidents where women drivers are considered pathetically funny and such posts keep coming on our feed. With feminists and papa ki paris all around, people took great advantage of this incident and made the video go viral for all the funny reasons.

Well, we are not saying anything but … WOMEN!!