Human actions are causing our ecosystems, the fabric of life on which we all depend to decline rapidly. Human pressure on our ecosystem has soared since the 1970s and since then it has been increasing. We as humans have been irresponsibly using more and more natural resources and degrading the environment, and this has come at a cost.

If we lose large portions of the natural ecosystem, human quality of life will be severely reduced and moreover, the lives of future generations will be in great danger unless effective action is taken. Over the last few years, nature’s capacity to support and nurture us has plummeted. The quality of water and air is reducing, crops are short of pollinators, soils are depleting, and coasts are less protected from storms. The population of the world has doubled, and consumption has increased by 47% per capita. It’s high time that we take some strict actions and prevent our ecosystem from being vanished. It would be a complete nightmare to watch and this AI prediction shows us why!

An artificial intelligence program was asked to predict what “the last selfie was ever taken” would look like and the results are a complete nightmare.

There is a TikTok account named Robot Overloards. The account uploads pictures on its page about “daily disturbing Ai generated images.” There was a video uploaded on Sunday on the same page where the artificial intelligence program DALL-E was asked to predict and show what the last selfies on Earth would look like. The video has gained over 7.2 million views and 1.6 million likes since the time it was uploaded on Sunday.

The pictures that the AI showed were mutilated, bloody humans taking selfies amongst apocalyptic scenes. One “selfie” shows a skeleton-like man holding the camera for a selfie with smoke in the air behind him and dark hills on fire.

The artificial intelligence program DALL-E is a transformer language model created in 2021 by OpenAI. The program can produce ideas into pictures. The name of this AI program was derived from a combination of the 2008 Disney film “Wall-E” and Salvador Dalí.

The DALL-E mini has the ability to create humorous and disturbing pictures this is the reason it went viral earlier this year. It had its name changed to Craiyon and is currently redirecting users to a new website.