A lake named Rotomariewhenua in New Zealand is considered to be the clearest and cleanest lake you will ever get a chance to see. The world is suffering from so much pollution and other global warming problems that it becomes really difficult to see this kind of beautiful thing gifted by God to nature. But some places somehow manage to stay beautiful and keeps on mesmerizing you whenever you visit there.

New Zealand Lake Is The Clearest In The World And Has A Visibility Of 260 Feet

This lake is located in the Nelson Lakes National Park that is located in New Zealand and people from different parts of the world visit the lake and enjoy watching its depth that is up to 260 feet. The temperature of the lake always stays between 5 to 8 degree Celsius means you can imagine that if you will visit there in the summer season, you will still wear a jacket to refrain yourself from getting attacked by the cold winds.

Because the lake is crystal clear, it is prohibited for humans to enter into it however, they can put in their hands to check the clarity. About animals entering the lake, these things is under the observation of the forest department and the lake authorities to stop animals to enter the lake.

The vision of blue lake can also be enjoyed from above the mountains and to reach the bank of the lake you need to trek between the mountains and though you are not allowed to enter the lake, if you want to stay there to enjoy the scenery you can stay in the hut located near about 700 meters from the lake.

Our planet is really beautiful, we human beings are making it worse by spreading waste like throwing plastic, food, spitting on roads, burning crackers and whatnot. If we all together take a stand, we can decrease the effect of global warming also.