Every person has a dream to travel abroad. Some visit for holidays, official trip, and short term visits etc. Losing passport in a foreign country has to face a lot of trouble. It’s an identity to be recognised in other countries. Today we have list of 7 things to do if you lose your passport in a foreign country. Here are major steps to be taken while lost or stolen Passport.

lost passport

7 Things To Do If You Lose Your Passport In A Foreign Country

1.Find the Nearest Consulate

In the circumstances of lost passport, It is essential to report to the embassy. Talk to the office about the situation. Staying in a country without passport is a crime.

2. File A Police Complaint

It is compulsory to file the police report. It helps the office to search the passport in case someone has stolen or being found by some one. This will also help in the procedure to get a duplicate passport.

3.  New Photograph For The Passport

Before proceeding further, need to find a photo shop to get your passport size photo. This will help to speed up in the process of getting the copy of your passport.

4 . Apply for the New Passport

You have to submit the new passport photo. Fill the forms before visiting the papers in the embassy. A police complaint papers should be attached with the application. Xerox of the lost passport copy should be attached to confirmation of Stolen or Lost passport. This will cancel no one able to misuse it.

5. Visit the Nearest Embassy to Procured For New Passport

Few documents you need to submit to the request for a replacement passport.

  •  Your New Photographs
  • Need to attach a  photo id card such as Adhar card, Pan card
  • Your Traveling Details such as your old travel tickets or boarding pass etc.
  • A photocopy of your old passport details. First and last pages
  • The application form is given for passport lost or stolen.

6. The Eligible Fees For Reissuing A Passport 

To reissuing a passport you need to pay nominal charges. In Case you won’t able to pay the fee. A known person can pay on your behalf.

7.Wait For The New Passport To Arrive

To get a passport renewed take time anywhere from four to six weeks. In Case of emergency, it can be issued in 24 Hrs.