I am going to college! The tiresome job of applying for colleges is finally over. My hard work at high school, on SAT scores and what not, has finally paid off. Applying for college and finding the right one seems like an easy job but it requires time and effort. There are thousands of colleges across the nation and selecting one from all, well, it’s hard to know where to start.

7 Things To Do Before Applying For College

7 Things To Do Before Applying For College

I have been through the college application process quite recently so I would like to share some tips on how to apply for college. You need to be decisive with your goals. Here are some things you should be doing before you start filing out college applications/

Select your Majors

This carries a lot of significance. You must be sure of the subjects you are interested or passionate about. Every college does not offer all the subjects.

Once you are clear about the subject you want as a major, you will have narrowed down your choices of colleges to apply to.

Also when you are filling the application form, your interest in the subject will be clear in your writings. This helps a lot while being selected by the college.

You do not want to spend money on the application forms of colleges which do not offer your subject of interest. You need to start your research early, say freshmen years. The process is time consuming and starting early will help you with a careful selection.


Applying for college and learning about the fee structure make the students and parents both doubtful during the selection. They question themselves whether they may be able to pay the high tuition fee or not? But there is nothing to be skeptical about it.

You do not need to turn down your dream college just because you cannot afford it. There are lots of scholarship programs and financial aid packages for students who are hesitant to continue with their selection. There are federal and private loans offered for students. Check Earnest Student Loans, if you are considering applying for student loans.

There are a lot of ways to bring down that initial amount; you just need to find your way about it.


This may seem like an unimportant aspect but it matters due to various reasons.

You need to decide whether you need to be near your family and friends. This decides the location of your college.

Whether the college is located in the city or suburbs and which one is your preference. If you need a job during your college years then are there work opportunities nearby for your convenience? Whether the weather of the city suits you or not? Are there activities of your interests close to the college so that the studies do not take up most of your time and make you feel burdened.

All these factors help you make your mind about the location of your college.


Housing is not the factor on which you may base your decision but you have to live somewhere.

Do you prefer the dorms or your own apartment? Are you someone who prefers to have alone time and would prefer a single bedroom apartment. Or love to be around people, preferring to share an apartment with a roommate or roommates.

Whatever may be your decision, consider all this when you visit potential campuses.

Campus Visits

Campus visits need to be done before applying for the college. It may seem like an obvious thing to do but most people do not consider it. You need to visit the campus life you are applying for so that it does not take you by surprise. You need to check out the facilities on the campus by yourself and the surrounding areas as well.

College Rankings

Do not get too hung up on college rankings. It is not necessary that the college with the best rankings will be a perfect fit for you. A college’s rank does not take into account the things which are important for you such as the tuition fee or campus lifestyle. You need to find this out yourself. Selecting a college based on the ranking is not such a good idea.


Well! Last but not the least, do not take rejection personally. You may prefer one college over another and would wish to get approval from there but it is not necessary that you will.

Always keep an open mind. What is best for you will follow you on its own. And so always remember, rejection is a possibility which you cannot deny. Best of luck with your application process.