These Photos Showing Pathetic Condition Of INDIAN LABORS In Dubai Are Shocking

Dubai is famous for beautiful skyscrapers, lavish lifestyle and great infrastructure and this features attract millions of tourist every year, however there is one aspect which no one knows about Dubai. There is a colony in Dubai which is famously known as Sonapur where labours from India, Bangladesh, China and Pakistan stay here.

Farhad Berahman a photographer from Iran has secretly clicked some photos of this area and how labourers and workers are treated. Workers are brought back to Sonapur in a bus from the construction places where they work . The houses in which this labourers stay is very much similar to stables where animals are kept.

This labourers have to work in hot summers and are only paid Rs. 14, 000 per month and in the evening they are sent back to there houses in Sonapur.


dark side of dubai workers treated badly in dubai


indian pakistani labourers in sonapur dubai


rooms of labourers in dubai sonapur


bad life of labourers in dubai


pathetic situation of workers in dubai


pathetic condition of workers in dubai


washrooms condition for labourers


worst condition of labourers in dubai


indian workers in dubai treated bad


workers brought back to sonapur by bus


indian workers pathetic situation in dubai


workers in sonapur dubai


bad life and situation of labourers in dubai


indian pakistan and chinese labourers in dubai

Before 33 years Dubai was just a desert and wahtever Dubai is today, It looks beautiful just because of the hard work of this labourers and workers from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan who work in 55 degree hot temperature. It is very sad that this workers are not getting paid equivalent to the kind of work they are doing.

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