1) Traffic Jam on the streets

If you walk on the streets of Dubai you will find 7/10 cars will be super sports car

2) Robot Jockeys

Dubai people have something very interesting and unique that is a camel race with a robot jockey riding it. this can happen only in Dubai.

3) Live Life King Style

like seriously hahaha Forget horses, in Dubai they ride lions. 

4) Double It Up the Dubai way

Two Jeeps … LOL .. this can happen only in dubai !!!


5) Shiek Paddleboarders 

A great way to avoid sunburn while paddle boarding.


6)  Lamborghini Police Cars

After seeing this every child would want to become a police officer in dubai.

7) cellphone and the big CAT

Royal people with the royal cat … wait … it’s staring at you, watch out bro