Be it having Glass walls or personal chefs or even private pools including private helicopter rides-each one of our thoughts of a luxurious life in a hotel is different. While some of the resorts go length and breadth to provide all luxury they can for those who are ready to pay five or sometimes even six figures for that.

While we talk about these the one place that comes to mind are hotels of Dubai’s Burj Al Arab decked up with crystal ceilings, artificial islands, and helipads. Designed to appear like a ship sail, the five-star hotel was built as a symbol representing luxury and also comes in the seventh-tallest building in the world.

The Royal Suite in the Burj Al Arab can at times go for $28,000 a night. South Africa’s Royal Malewane and the Velaa Private Island in the Maldives also quite frequently make to “world’s most expensive hotel” lists– the Maldives as it is really like staying on a private island and the first one due to the once in while chance to see wild animals such as lions and buffalo.

Although almost most of the world’s expensive hotels are located across the Middle East and tropical countries like the Maldives, the United States also has an abundance of luxury hotels.

A brand new round-up by luxury watch company Chrono24 calculated the nightly prices at 263 five-star hotels around the country. To be precise price changes according to both day of the week and season, an average over many months paints a more correct outlook. Roughly for a price of $1,773 per night, the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World caption the top spot counted among the most expensive hotel in the country.

Most Expensive Hotel

Situated just outside the park, the resort is overflowing with facilities that can perfectly be labelled as an ultra-luxury take on a Disney (DIS) – Get Free Report visit–five acres of pools, slides and water parks, rock climbing walls, golf courses, both fine dining restaurants and cafés wherein people can dine in with Disney characters, and countless other stores, lounge areas, and places and entertainment.

Although the hotel is luxurious, the high price can be because of its structure as a resort where families and larger groups can travel together–the Royal Suite comes along with nine bedrooms.

Most Expensive Hotel

Skylofts at MGM Grand lands at the second most expensive hotel on the list and, at an average of $1,457 per night, is much like a traditional perspective on luxury. Every room in the hotel has floor-to-ceiling glass windows that present wide views of the Las Vegas Strip.

“Known for its luxurious lifestyle, Las Vegas hosts some of the most beautiful hotels in the world,” Chrono24 jotted down his findings. “With 593 reviews and an average cost of $1,457.33 per night, Skylofts is the second most expensive hotel in the U.S.” The Towers at Lotte New York Palace and Pendry Manhattan West, each at $1,309 and $1,049 per night, capture another high spot, while New York’s Equinox Hotel boils down to the top five.

Most Expensive Hotel

New York’s monopoly ends there as The Phoenician in Scottsdale and Chicago’s Peninsula and Langham hotels take up the top ten. The Ivy Hotel in Washington, D.C., and the Fairmont Grand Del Mar in San Diego also made their way to the list–at an average of $811 a night, the latter comparatively “cheapest” option on this list of very expensive hotels.

“It is fascinating to see how the top ten works out geographically, with hotels in Maryland and Arizona alongside those in major tourist destinations like New York, California, and Florida,” Chrono24 informed of the results.

Most Expensive Hotel