The Model Who Lost Her Boyfriend About An Year Ago Still Posts Pictures of Them Together

Chinese-Filipina Model Janica Nam Floresca and her boyfriend Franco Hernandez, member of a Filipino dance group, were both young and deeply in love. Which made the accident in the Philippines in November 2017 all the more distressing when they were forced off a boat by strong waves, the Inquirer reported. Neither of them knew how to swim, so while Janica clung on to the boatman, Franco held on to her. Another strong wave would wrench her lover from her and by the time they were rescued, he was unconscious. At the hospital, Franco tragically passed. He was only 26. More than a year later, Janica’s love still burns for her beau, as she regularly posts pictures of them together on her Instagram. Her longing is apparent as she spills her heart out in her posts, which are filled with both longing and thanksgiving.

She also shares all the special moments that were dear to both of them through snapshots of happy memories together. Though her favourite person has passed, her Instagram shows how she still keeps in touch with Franco’s family and regularly visits his grave.

There are also pictures of the memorial tattoos she’s gotten to remember Franco by.

Her love hasn’t wavered over time, with her heartfelt longing still apparent in her latest post. Some commenters have remarked on her posts, saying that it feels like Franco is still alive and with a love like that, we can’t say they’re wrong.

We wish Janica all the best moving forward. For any of our readers who are interested in her story, you can follow her on Instagram here.

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