The fashion for mailings in marketing campaigns has appeared relatively recently but is already in great demand. This happened because this method of promotion is the most effective and captures a large volume of potential customers from different parts of the world.

If a company has a new product, then they can run ads on different platforms, which is very expensive and does not bring many results. SMS mailing for a democratic cost sends messages to the audience and tells them about all the advantages of the offer.

Thus, a person has a desire to go to the site and see in more detail. To make it possible for you to try one or several promotion options for free using a message, experts have developed a test SMS, with which they check all the details of such a promotion.

It doesn’t take long, but it works efficiently. The user monitors the results online and can edit any parameters. Rest assured that this is the beginning of your business’s growth.

What is SMS testing?

SMS testing is the best way to check how the newsletter itself works, the advertising text and whether you are targeting the right audience. This scheme helps create live nodes to bypass the whitelisting that robs customers of brand trust. SMS testing platform shows that users can download an app for which they can get paid, and in return aggregators and operators can use the phone as a live test node.

Thanks to a simple test, the user understands in which direction to move and how to improve their campaign by changing the text of the message, or the time it was sent.

SMS testing

Now you can quickly identify your target audience and start contacting it. Check all the options for how you can interest a person and bring him to your site for the further purchase of a product or service.

For more detailed information about testing and how it can help your business, read the article to the end or go to the Testelium website, where all the details of the cooperation are already described.

How does it work?

Live nodes provide a person with the opportunity to join the community, and then leave it, if unnecessary. This is much better than a whitelist that doesn’t let go of the user at will.

Testelium invites companies that want to do mailings to take advantage of test reliability of messaging routes due to their telecommunication capabilities and to see what results can be obtained in the future if they now focus on this method of promotion.

Most modern businesses prefer such services because at the moment we have to deal with poor quality routes, fake test results, and many other problems.

First of all, companies suffer because of that, which lose their regular customers, spoil their good reputation and lose their budget. SMS routes offer to reduce losses and create a unique database with numbers of people who are really interested in the product and are ready to cooperate.

The results can be viewed in real-time based on data from real phones. It is also possible to edit the parameters and bring them to perfection so that a potential client would definitely want to use your service.

Why is it important to test the quality of SMS routes before launching a bulk SMS campaign?

When implementing any serious project, SMS messaging requires not only thorough preparation but also no less scrupulous testing. Often, what looks perfect in theory and great in words, for some reason does not work in practice.

The reasons for this can be different, sometimes very unpredictable. We recommend that you create a test plan for your emails that will help you get the best possible return from them without annoying potential customers.

Why do we insist that testing is essential to any business strategy? First of all, despite the seeming simplicity, mailing consists of many elements, and each of them must be tested separately. Otherwise, you simply won’t understand what exactly went wrong and at what point.

The second point is that SMS routes will allow you to determine the best version of the text; in addition, you can choose the appropriate length and style of the message. It is generally best to write short texts. You need to find your own style to get positive results from your campaigns.

Test SMS delivery will help you figure out which specific time is best for submitting your proposals. Remember, timing increases the chance that your messages will be read. Don’t post on Sunday morning.

You also need to decide on the number of time zones if you plan to send messages to different cities and countries. In addition, we recommend that you pay attention not only to the time of sending the message but also to the day of the week.

This will help you create the most efficient schedule. Also, testing will help determine the frequency of sending. There is no need to annoy customers by sending them dozens of messages a day.

How does the Testelium SMS route testing tool work?

Internet platforms for sending SMS mailings have become an indispensable tool for employees responsible for marketing and communication with customers.

SMS route testing

Testelium offers testing of messaging routes and all sorts of SMS route testing tools that will make life easier for all companies large and small. We offer many different filters and settings, thanks to which you can take into account time zones, a regional affiliation of the subscriber, send mailings to specific operators, and much more.

Tariffication on the service depends on the number of messages sent, the amount topped up, as well as on the choice of the channel for sending. Depending on your needs, you can choose a suitable aggregator and a comfortable tariff plan. You can send SMS web service API test and determine the best option for yourself, with which you will work in the future.

Testelium invites every user to try testing messaging routes to improve the quality and speed of delivery of the messages you want to send to potential audiences.

We have a team of professionals who have been working daily for many years to improve service and help businesses grow and develop.

Thanks to the valuable experience and knowledge of each employee, we will build a communication network that will bring good coverage and later profit. The company values users, so it offers to try the services for free to personally verify the effectiveness of this kind of promotion.

Try Testelium for free!

Do not postpone conducting such analytics and try all advertising options so that as many people as possible know about the offer. You may have very good intuition, but you cannot rely on it to drive your business. An SMS campaign will be much more effective if you rely on the results of your testing. Create multiple versions of the message, change the submission time and target segment of the customer base: all this will help you choose the most successful way to implement your campaign.

Today you can try to test the reliability of messaging routes completely free of charge with Testelium. To do this, you need to go to the website, leave your request so that the customer support manager can contact you, or go to a chat with a consultant who will explain all the nuances. Feel free to try new technologies and try to keep up with the times to give your business the opportunity to become recognizable and profitable!